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  1. its about a 1/4 mile on morton onces you turn off of wolf wells there were hills right behind us and if you went over the ones to the east you would hit wolf wells rd
  2. grey i think we all might be guilty but if i and dumped the black i would have tried to cover it not just dump and run
  3. we stayed on morton of wolf wells rd
  4. Arrows that's worse than smelling someones SH*T I have never seen so many people that lacked common sense.
  5. On Sunday night I went to Ocotillo Wells with some friends and found a place to camp. I unloaded the toy hauler and went to sleep. Woke up on Monday to find that the person that was there before me drained their black holding tank all over the ground. Is it too much to ask people to use the dump station there's one right near the Rangers station.
  6. don619

    Cleaning tip's for O ring chain

    i have a crf230f and i use simple green and i use a rag it comes out clean well cleaner than when i started
  7. don619

    Broken Bones!!!

    havent broken anything yet knock on wood
  8. dude i just wanted to say GOOD LUCK
  9. i voted honda i love my 4 stroke but two months out of the year i will only ride my KTM
  10. don619

    It's over....

    i will watch when i cant ride i might learn something
  11. eatting sh T Sucks but i always get back on my wife has only been on a bike about 13 times and she always gets back up and she rides better and faster after she eats she says i got it out of the way lets go
  12. don619

    mx vs. atv

    always two Wheels not four