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  1. w00fster

    MC Ride Video!!!

    This was taken up in Washington. Took it down forgot it was already up. ! Lates !
  2. Hello I decided to make a site for all you East Fort Rock & Christmas Valley Sand Dune rider's. Any one interested in checking it out and adding any input to it feel free to give me a shout. http://eastfortrock.com http://christmasvalleysanddunes.com This years Joker Poker run was a blast, Memorial Day Weekend @ the dunes was not so good, we lost a fellow rider that weekend. ! Lates !
  3. w00fster

    China Hat?

    I would like to try out China Hat. Been thru there but never rode there, love it at CV. Is there many of you peeps from over that way here. http://www.ridingoutwest.com