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  1. Has anyone ever tried wrapping the pipe with header wrap?
  2. I think Polisport makes black as well, I don't know the quality though. I've always had good luck with UFO and Acerbis
  3. Never mind, just found them. At least if the specs for an 03 are the same as an 05?
  4. Hey guys I have an 05 450 with Varner porting, hi comp piston and stage 1 hot cam. What I don't have is a manual. I've searched the thread for 30 minutes now and I can't seem to find with the recommended valve clearance are for the bike. It seems like everyone is running .005" on intake and .0011" (or is that supposed to be .011"?) on exhaust, but I woud like to know the ranges are. Also, would the porting, and cam make any difference? Thanks guys
  5. That's exactly what I found. They would get about 6 feet on me, but then I would blow by them at about 30 feet. If it doesn't hurt the motor, I think I will continue doing it.
  6. I'm just getting used to my 05 450 with full Varner race motor that I bought the other day and while riding last night, I found that I could pull some wicked 3rd gear starts. Maybe everyone is doing that, I don't know. I was always doing 2nd gear starts on my CR. Is this hard on the motor? I wasn't burning the clutch at all, but it sounded like my chain was going to give up the ghost.
  7. no one? Help.... please...
  8. Is there an online or pdf version of a manual for an 05 CRF450? I just bought my bike yesterday but the kid didn't know where the manual was. I'd like to check the valves and change the fluids before I ride. Thanks. You can PM me a link if you have one Paul
  9. Did Ron upgrade the springs or did he put the stockers back in there?
  10. Will an aftermarket exhaust really make a difference over a gutted stock pipe? I can't think that they would make that much of a difference.
  11. Here's my old bike Took some DupliColor, Honda Red, from Walmart for the finishing touches.
  12. Are there problems with ProCycle? I was just about to call them to get a price. Are they one of those friendly dealers that change the price after you drive 300 miles to pick up your bike? Thanks.
  13. Thanks, that's what I figured. Is there any way to adjust that sucker without twisting the carb or taking it off? I haven't found a screwdriver that will fit up there while its sitting in its normal position.
  14. I didn't get a manual with my 02 TTR 125L, is the screw on the bottom of the carb an air screw or fuel screw? I guess an easier question would be if I turn it out (counter clockwise) am I richening or leaning the pilot circuit? Thanks
  15. Hey guys, I didn't get a manual with my TTR125L, how much oil does it take? Thanks