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  1. rich487

    tb88 race head

    well it sure suprised me the first time i put it in first and pulled the throttle. it is surely amazing what that little bike can do and it is worth every penny!!! We're going out this weekend if it doesn't rain and she will get her first ride on it since the conversion.
  2. I dont know who makes it but i got an oil filter spanner wrench for 3/8 drive ratchet from the bike shop and it worked great! it only cost $9.oo and there was no wait. the local honda dealer wanted $25.00 for the one specificaly for the clutch and i had to wait a week to get it because it special order part
  3. rich487

    vintage cr80

    I just dug up an 82 cr80 does any one know where i can find aftermarket performance parts, plastics or decals?
  4. I Just completed the install on my daughters tb88 big bore w/race head. I just need to know what oil i should run and how much, as well as what would be the best spark plug.
  5. rich487

    tb88 race head

    fiveOaddict, I thought about a heavy duty clutch but the bike is for my daughter who weighs in at a hefty 50 pounds. As it is I don't think im going to mess with the gearing yet. I've read alot of your threads and am a little worried that this kit with the race head, red rev box, 20mm carb ( which i have just completed installing thanks to all of your help ) will be alittle to much for her.
  6. rich487

    tb88 race head

    Thanks for all your help. Now I guess i better figure out how to get this clutch off so i can install the hiflo oil pump??!!!!
  7. rich487

    tb88 race head

    thanks for your help
  8. I have read alot about this bore kit and head. Every thing that i read said that i would have to assemble this head, i just got it today and it is preassembled. Should i be worried that this head was put together by somebody else who might not have much experience or it was returned due to defects? I have yet to hear someone else say they recieved theirs assembled. I bought this kit for my daughters crf50 shes nine and wants to go faster. should i change the sprockets and exhaust?