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  1. What kind of weather, rain, snow, temp etc, I can expect fron Nov 23rd through Nov 27th.
  2. I just intalled the pro Rekluse in my sons 250 exc-w. His first time out was in Supermoto trim. The clutch seems to engade fine but was a little hesitant and clunky at first. I just turned up the idle a bit and it smoothed it right out. I think that this set up will be good in the dirt as it has a smoother engadment, easier to control in soft stuff. He also has the yellow spring and runs the performance ignition setting. On a second note, this is a killer motard bike. He was killing the guys on 250 and some 450 four strokes.
  3. I got my 2008 KTM 250 exc-w for 5600 otd.
  4. It would also depend on rim width. If you run a narrow rim it will buldge the lip more on a 160 than say a wider rim.
  5. If the seals are bad in the caliper you will have a leak. What is most likely the case is a worn or dirty seal in the rear master. This will allow fluid to pass the piston inside the master cyl lowering the pressure sent to the caliper. They do make rebuild kits and it is not hard to do.
  6. Front newer model wr450 hubs will work but the rear wr400 has a smaller axle. You can use a wr450 whell and axle but it will not fit through the wr400 swingarm. Two fixes are manufacture new ends to the swingarm or switch to a wr450 swingarm.
  7. I run a 160\55 with no chain rub.
  8. I just put Jardines new system on my 06. Wow what a dragster, at least it sounds like one:eek: Im waiting on the quiet core. Very well made system.
  9. The stock pin is 2.1 mm, I just measures it. The pin on the Hot Cam was about .5 mm or less. It barely moved the bucket. It also was sloppy on the cam. I know that there may be some design differences due to lift and duration but all I am saying is that other than those cams my bike has stock internals and it will not turn over. As I am not the only one with this problem I think that you may have an issue that should be checked. Something is happening this is not an isolated incident!! I dont want to bash Hot Cams because on my other 450 (Kick Start) I love them, my bike rips . I just cannot start my bike, with the button, with your cam. Just to be sure I had my shop re-order another exhaust cam and I looked at the pin and it was the same as the first. Maybe a bad batch??? Hope it gets worked out because Ill most likely buy them. I know the customer service is good and I was offered to send it in to be fixed but that costs me more money and more time. You can send me some cams and if they work Ill pay you for them!!!! :thumbsup:
  10. That side bolt holds a few ounces of oil that is trapped and cannot make it to the drain bolt. Its not hard to get to if you remove the skid plate. Better safe than sorry especially on the first change as there will be a lot of metal in the oil.
  11. I covered the entire underside of my tank with fiberglass heat blanket and aluminum tape. No more heat issue.
  12. You can get them right here at the TT store!! If you do a search the guy who makes them is a user as well. I e-mailed him directly and he helped me get what I needed. If you just make sure to tell them what tank you have the TT store will pass it on.
  13. Got one comming thanks for the replies!!
  14. The problem is that my HOT CAM exhaust pin was approximately 2mm shorter than my stock pin. I confirmed the part # and it was their WR cam. I think they know what needs to be done but there is a gap in their quality inspection prior to putting them on the shelf. Maybe they mis labled the WR cams and their YZ cams???? Who knows, all I know is I have a stock motor and the Hot Cams kept it from turning over.. I did contact them and they are very helpful but their camn still dosnt work. Im sure in time they could probably make me one that works but I didn't pat $400 to help them design a part.
  15. I had the same problem with my IMS 3.3 tank so I cut my fuel line as short as I could. I have it come from the petcock, up and just over the chock lever then down to the carb nipple. I works now. If you run it real low you can stop, tilt the bike to the left and let the fuel drain over then hit it again. If your that low you are into it abou 100 miles though. As for braces I went with the Unibiker braces. If you order them request the bracket for the IMS tank and it will work. These are the beefiest braces Ive seen.