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  1. I just bought a 04 crf 450. I am not too familiar with 4 strokes I just switched over from a 2 stroke cr 250. The bike runs great and is super powerfull. While riding I hear a pinging from the engine, usually when I let off the gas. Is this normal?
  2. Didn't check the auto decompressor. What should it be set at? What should the clearence be on the decompressor arm?
  3. I just put a new top end in my 04 crf 450. I timed it by linning up the marks on the crank side and the tranny side. Bike starts ,and runs,but I feel like I'm going to break my ankle when I start the thing, and some times I cant get it started.Any thoughts?
  4. sweat I'll replace the intake valve seals, and see what happens. Thanks
  5. so does the article say the Intake valve seals,or the crank seals?
  6. I heard about that article. I tried looking it up on their website,but they dont post old articles like that. What seals did it say had to be replaced? Does anybody think it is a piston ring problem?
  7. Todd92,which 2 oil seals did you replace? Crankcase?
  8. I'll take a look at the oil seals, and hopefully it all goes away. Thanks
  9. All 4 valves were replaced in August. Does anyone know how to tell if the valve seals have gone bad? I dont know if the shop replaced those along with the valves,when they did the repairs.
  10. Hey guys I have a 2004 crf450 and I was riding the othe day, and it seems that my whole entire crank drained into my airbox from the overfill tube. I took my seat off and had to rig out my filter, like it was a wet towel.My crank was way emty. What would cause this?