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  1. hi, Can people who own vans post some pics of their vans that they use to carry their bikes? cheers aj
  2. Hi, i have been reading these boards for a while and am about to buy a bike, i am just not sure which one. i know there are been many threads on this before, but my problem is that i went to a bike store today and the sales rep recommended i buy a brand new ttr 250 (freakin farm bike!). im not so keen. i will be using the bike for ride glass house mountains,kenilworth and also on beach (in queensland) -(when camping etc). my budget is $5000-$8000. my preference would be wr250 (couple of years old) or maybe and early 2000 model ktm 300 ( i think this would be a great bike and fun). what are your thoughts? i would like to be able to do trips from say noosa north shore up to rainbow etc also (up the beach.) what do you think would suit my needs within the budget? cheers