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  1. kdxquebec

    Alberta Spring

    Nice vid for a non-audio/visual guy
  2. kdxquebec

    Winter Trail Riding

    Pretty nice! Look like our trail conditons. We do have some awesome scenery for sure, and all the stuff we ride is not owned by any snomobile club. Glad to see guys hit some snow trails! cheers
  3. kdxquebec

    "New" to me cr250 2001

    Nice pick. Everything sounds normal to me minus the word ''kickstand'' ;-) I would rip that thing right away without any doubts. Check front sprocket for exesssive wear. Inspect swingarm bearing bushings.
  4. kdxquebec

    post your ride!

    '89 KDX200 '03 GasGas EC250
  5. kdxquebec

    Winter Trail Riding

    Eul Printemps! I use winter friction Trelleborg tire on front and a normal rear motocross tire with near 250 3/8 ''holiday'' ice racing screws with no inside lining. My friends use Trelly's too and Gripstuds.
  6. You are the only Youtube channel I suscribed! The only one.
  7. Here is a small last Saturday clip to show you what the conditions look like up here in Qc. BTW if you have any questions about our setups or any kind of info just ask! Happy Trails