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  1. prem1

    01 CR250 carb problem solved!

    You probably already know this but the leaner nozzle, S-7 I think, was a huge improvement and about the only thing other than a carb swap that helped the 01. Back then we had to get it for a YZ125 but I think Honda started listing it for the CR.
  2. prem1

    Anyone runnin a Wiseco 13:1?

    I use Wiseco 13.5 and stage 1 HotCams on 93, well worth it although gets even hotter with low speed/idling
  3. prem1

    Will a Hot Cams Stage 1 really help my 2005?

    I think the piston has a greater influence on the springs, not sure but I hear HC is easier on the valvetrain. Heat is what kills the springs, according to Kibblewhite support the heat added with the higher compression makes things such as low speed operation, idleing, much more of a concern with engine temps. Kibblewhite credits the springs for much of the probs reported, I can't say how much better theirs may be but with the first set, I got my bike hot pretty often as I didn't really change my habits. This time around I pay more attention, I have a spare 06 head on the 07 and replacing springs when the valves starts to drop I've had none of the Ti valve issues and that's using fresh stock springs. These are the same issues you have with something like a small block roller motor playing on the street or the race car guys, put these same issues to that industry and springs will be far and away the most popular, and first response. wouldn't be any different with our bikes.
  4. prem1

    Will a Hot Cams Stage 1 really help my 2005?

    I run the wiseco 13:5 with stage 1 HC and it's better power than my 07 and my buddies 08, much better. Hard on valve springs though, 10 hard hours went by quick and they have endured a beating. Valve springs are a big deal but unlike the car guys the highest wear item seems to get the least attention with the dirt bike crowd. No way are these things remotely close to 2 stk upkeep cost if you're replacing things on schedule. EVeryone of mine were ready to start beating up valves at 10-15 hrs. That's SS valves, I think Ti valves and better springs, fresh springs would ease up on the $225 springs it munches.
  5. prem1

    Overheating 06'

    My 06 has never lost coolant even with excessive idling on the line or occasional trail duty. 13:5 piston and stage 1 hotcam and now it's puking within 10 seconds, come in steaming after a moto and requires quite a bit of coolant. I'm thinking lean because it's definitely running hotter and there is a drastic difference between off idle power during the cooler mornings with the new piston/ cam than before. I've tried JD jetting and stock jetting with 180 main, richer needle and pilot and nothing changes. If you stop it with jetting please post, I've tore back down and no indication of gasket problem, new cylinder and head. SAme result as you with the 1.6 cap.
  6. prem1

    Motocross Action October Issue

    I'm on PSD #4 so I'm all too aware of Fords problems but the specific issue that upset Shell, at least in some way seems to be accurate. I don't even remember hearing anything other than some technical jargon from Ford that sounded like every other our oil vs their oil debate, but in my 04 and my 06 there is a definate improvement going from rotella 15-40 to the two I've tried in Rotell T and Delo. Although not the problem with that particular issue we're hearing more often that emission laws are impacting our oil to the point manufacturers are changing break in practices and recomend diesel oil for everything. I haven't tried dyno Rotella in my 08 because I, like many others aware of the damage emission laws do to our vehicles avoid CJ oils. My 6.4 may be a little cleaner than my 6.0 but despite the larger twin turbo engine I now use more fuel while running it harder driving just like I always have. On a side note, I learned several trucks ago the PSD like to be run hard. I've had far less trouble flogging my PSD's 70K a year pulling a 30' toy hauler way faster than I should be than the guys I know that use them like cars to commute to their desk jobs.
  7. prem1

    Motocross Action October Issue

    CJ is what you don't want. Prior to the new CJ-4 API standard for diesel oils, most of the CI-4 15w40 and 5w40 oils were found to have excellent levels of Zinc and Phosphorus which is why all of us running diesels bought every bit of the old formula we could find. Most that struck with Rotella are using the syn version, it's not what some of the true synthetics are but it's also not quite as gutted as the $9 a gallon version now is. Ford used to advise agaisnt using Rotella in the PSD due in part to injector firing as Ford uses oil pressure to fire the injectors. They're right too, when I changed to CI Delo and now Rotella T it's like a different engine, I don't know if that type of cavitation would impact our bikes but Ford had bigger problems than injectors with the oil and now the CJ rating has taken more of the good stuff out.
  8. prem1

    CR125 engine rebuild question

    You might keep an eye on Eric Gorr's website. I have a friend that bought a sleeved cylinder off his garage sale page for $130. Actually I think he called about his $25 cylinders suitable for plating or sleeve and was offered the other instead. $130 was cheapest option but for the same money that nicom is the way to go. He was playing around with port timing via base gaskets and exhaust port as well as 38mm carb as I hear that bike needs more on top I guess.
  9. That bike is a nightmare to jet even when everything else isn't an issue. Do a search for 01 cr250 jetting and you'll have plenty to read. The only thing I remember is nothing works with that carb until you change to the S-7 nozzle, I also ran the next leaner needle and it was a different bike with that combo. When the bike came out I was one of the many putting a lot of time into making drastic jetting changes in a futile attempt to clean it up, back then you had to order that nozzle off a yz125 but I think I heard Honda has a part number for it now. Try that nozzle, it'll do what a pocket full of brass won't. You'll probably need to remove all the carbon from the exhaust valves too, that thing would produce amazing crud without running like yours is. Pull the cap off the side of the cylinder, I'm sure you'll see the valves are stuck wide open which would contribute to your problem.
  10. prem1

    KX500 mods

    I had a CR500, sent the cylinder to Eric Gorr, the 500's were detuned to make rideable. There's a lot to be gained in there, alot more than most want unleashed.
  11. bignumber1.com, in Birmingham, Al. I posted this before so I didn't think to this time. Every now and then they advertise them on their site for $4650, plus their city tax, $4880 OTD. When I first bought they weren't running any sales they just knew I was from out of town and shopping. Salesman's name is Jamie. I don't know if that price is something that just happens to be available when I've been buying or what, but I've got it 3 times. They told me the reason is they do so much more volume than others in the region. they ship too. If anyones interestd in one I'd definately try them. They have hooked me up on the 2 strokes. I felt bad about not buying the 4 stroke from them, but they didn't have a bike at first and then by the time the price came around I had already committed to the Honda deal. 5895 OTD. I got the 2 stroke price in 5 mins, they were not so eager to deal on the 4 stroke, and although I wanted the RMZ450, price is the ultimate factor in the brand I get. Especially when it's a $1000 plus difference.
  12. I went to the 06 CRF450 because the YZ250 wore me out to ride, long layoff from the sport, still working back. I don't like the 4 stroke so far, but I'm still trying to take two stroke lines, and I don't like how the CRF feels jumping. Everytime I load or unload the thing (4x4) I sit there looking at it thinking this is ridiculous. It sure feels a lot heavier. I've been paying $4880 OTD for YZ250's, I'm either going to get another YZ or a KX and see which I prefer. I've found one dealer I can get those prices, they now sell Suzuki too, so the KX probably won't happen. I didn't even pay $6000 OTD for my 450 so no way I'm paying that for the 2 strokes.
  13. prem1

    KX 65 Mods

    Try KTMTalk, other mini section. We shortened the silencer, tried pipes and everything else. The KX's biggest limitation is the suspension, pretty much obsolete bike compared to the 65SX. Unless AC is on it.
  14. prem1

    Race Tech Customer Service

    Wow, you got something other than voice mail tech support, I'm impressed!
  15. prem1

    Stock 06 CRF450 running on 100 Octane

    we used to run the stuff in the 80's, lots of people did, and a lot of it. we didn't really know any better. Now guys start with both feet down and don't use motor oil or ATF in the tranny anymore. From what I read now it's not a smart or beneficial thing to do, but I also don't think we lost any more motors back then than now.