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  1. One of the reasons people choose a heavier weight oil than listed in the owners manual is the oil is shared between the motor and transmission. The transmission shears the oil down rather quickly. A heavier weight oil can buy you some more time between oil changes.
  2. supermotoxray


    Some of the prices quoted for amsoil are pretty ridiculous. I was able to pick up some 20w50 for less than $10 a quart at my local fleet farm.
  3. supermotoxray

    Epic Crash?

    You made it on Fast Lane Daily. Skip to 4:05 to see it.
  4. Buy another bike and get a multi vehicle discount. On a serious note the price you quoted is not that bad. Gotta pay if you want to play.
  5. supermotoxray

    Drz movie on Netflix

    Watched "the place beyond the pines" a week or two ago..... That DRZ has the sound of a thumper, two stroke, and 4 cylinder sport bike all in the same chase seen. Worst motorcycle audio I've seen in a movie hands down. I did laugh when in one part of the movie he has a honda xr650 and it won't start.
  6. supermotoxray

    Will Suzuki ever add basic stuff to the DRZ?

    The trip meter is your fuel gauge, and your ears are the tachometer. Simple, just the way I like it.
  7. supermotoxray

    DRZ400SM Chain Guard

    PM sent.
  8. supermotoxray

    DRZ400SM Chain Guard

    Where in WI are you located? Are you just looking for the plastic guard that attaches to the tabs on the swing arm?
  9. supermotoxray

    Honda Grom (Not a DRZ I know)

    I think finding one may be a problem. All the local Honda dealers near me have deposits on every bike they are expecting to get in. I'd love to own one, it would be the perfect bike for my daily commute, not that the DRZ is not but it would get double the MPG's.
  10. supermotoxray

    Which Mobil 1 should I use.

    One weird thing about mobil 1 20w50 (v-twin oil) is that it no longer carries a JASO-MA rating. It did at one time and the 10w40 (4t) is still jaso-ma so what changed if anything with the 20w50 I'm not sure. People are still using it and not destroying clutches so I'm sure it's fine.
  11. supermotoxray

    Whilst warming my bike this am.

    Blackhawks sound pretty bad ass IMHO so I'd take it as a compliment. Now if I could only get that aviation exhaust smell to go along with it. Hmmmmm
  12. supermotoxray

    almost bought a 2012/13 KTM 500

    Generally people only post bad experiences or problems so I wouldn't base a bike purchase 100% on what you read on a forum.
  13. Simple enough. Thanks!
  14. Quick question for all the DRZ guru's here. I'm going to replace the water pump on my 04' LTZ400 quad (Basically the same engine as a DRZ400) because of a very slow coolant leak which only occurs while running. I've read about the RTV seal fix to repair the existing pump which is an option, but if I replace the entire water pump assembly with a new one should the RTV seal fix be done to it prior to install or was this issue fixed by Suzuki so it's no longer a problem on the new water pumps? * I know this is an LTZ question not a DRZ question but since they share very similar motors and all the experts hang out over here and not in the sport quads forum I posted my question here.
  15. supermotoxray

    Gun Boot

    Nice mod! Funny that this was posted, I saw a guy at trap last week that showed up with his gun bungee tied to the back of his Harley and it got me thinking about how I could do this with my DRZ. Last year I saw a gun tied down between the handlebars and wind shield (also on a HD) while out shooting sporting clays. Seemed like sketchy set up in regards to interfering with controls and having the gun secure enough that it wouldn't fall off while riding.