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  1. iliketoridebikes

    How Deep

    my bike died in water that was 18" or less but the section was 20-30 ft long. i assumed it was because the vent tubes were underwater...? anyway, it kinda sucked but the bike fired right up when i punched the button and i rode it the rest of the way out. i think that when i jumped off, the vent tubes were able to breathe, so it started pretty easily.
  2. iliketoridebikes

    ready to get new jet, what/where do i buy?

    all the stores around here are a little too...umm........four-wheeler-y for my tastes. besides i have no idea what to ask for. i guess i need a number like 152 or something..?? do different carbs use different jets? hell i don't know.
  3. methinks i'm ready to put in a new jet and move the slide up or down a notch...this is what i've heard is the hot setup. here's my current setup: 2003 KLX400R airbox plug removed (i guess this is the 3x3 mod?) white bros. E2 slip on exhaust elevation = 1100 ft. can anyone tell me what size jet to get, and also what to do with the slide in the carb? also, where is a good mail-order place to get the part? the goal here is to net a little more power and better rideability, which again is what i've heard you can do with the new jet. i also understand i'll take a hit on mileage, which i'm prepared to deal with. i'm not a big tuner guy, but i think i can handle this project one night this winter. i appreciate the help...just need to know what to get and where to get it.
  4. iliketoridebikes

    OT: question about GF's bike

    i don't wanna bump an off-topic thread but i do wanna say thanks for pointing me over to that tw200 forum. that should be just what we need.
  5. iliketoridebikes

    OT: question about GF's bike

    my girlfriend recently started riding a yamaha TW200 and i can't find a forum for that in the yamaha section...but since i have a DRZ, i thought i would slide a question into this forum. here goes...it's pretty simple...since the weather got cold, her bike falls on its face when you try to give it gas. it still starts and idles, maybe a little higher idle than usual, but then it just won't go when you give it gas. normally i would suspect dirty gas, but it is directly related to the cold weather, (or just a really big coincidence). i am wondering if there's a little carb adjustment that needs to be made. she's only had the bike for a few weeks, and it sure did run fine in the warmer weather. so as you can see, we're still learning about the bike. BTW, my DRZ (actually a KLX) is still kicking all kinds of A. and it seems to run better in cold weather (probably has some kind of automatic compensation for chilly temps)..
  6. iliketoridebikes

    Project KLX. New stuff. Your opinion?

    just put a WB E2 pipe on my KLX and it pretty much owns! i used the 'competition' endcap since mine stays on the street and i want it to be wicked loud. the USFS spark arrestor also came with it but i haven't tried it because i don't think it will be as loud. i bought the pipe off eBay for 199 which surprised me b/c no one else bid on it. you'd think that would have told me something, right? if it is an undesirable pipe, i can't see why b/c it bolted right up and works with stock jetting. it also improved the low end power. btw i dont' like those monster energy drink graphics...the bike would look tuff without them
  7. iliketoridebikes

    What's up with ThumperTalk?

    extended shift lever...ooo i needs one of those. i can barely get my boot in between the peg and shifter. where did you get it
  8. iliketoridebikes

    i am about to lose it (state of MO can suck it)

    UPDATE well it's been a couple weeks the local hi-po called and said they have my new VIN tag and I need to make an appointment to install it. went over there, stuck the tag on the frame up high where it's partially hidden by the airbox cover/number plate, then drilled two little holes and put in pop rivets. that kinda sucked but i guess it had to be done. this morning i took all the paperwork out to the license branch and FINALLY got a plate. paperwork included: title app, safety inspection approval, insurance card, and the form that the cop who installed the new VIN tag signed off. so i guess that once a copy of that form gets to the state, I get a clear street legal title with a new VIN number (also called a DR number). all this just in time to ride in cold weather. lame. here's hoping for a little more indian summer.
  9. iliketoridebikes

    i am about to lose it (state of MO can suck it)

    i believe you man! it's just that when you talk to other people and mention "i read on the internet" then one normally loses a lot of credibility at that point. like, "i read on the internet that another guy didn't have to go thru this horseshit!!!" might not get me too far with the state of MO. i am going to call them at that number that was in the link you gave me. and review my title application.
  10. iliketoridebikes

    i am about to lose it (state of MO can suck it)

    okay 300lb gorilla, indulge me for a minute.... assuming your story is legit, there is one big difference. you had your title, i do not. i got an MSO and title application from the dealer. i suppose i could have just applied for the title, chilled in the meantime (who knows how long it takes to get the title?), then once i had the title, i could just get a 'safety inspection' and then get plates. i suppose it's plausible. is that how yours worked, or did you buy the bike from someone and get the title immediately?
  11. iliketoridebikes

    i am about to lose it (state of MO can suck it)

    did you buy your bike used or new? i bought mine new...and the MSO says "off-road use only" i could see if you bought a used bike and the title didn't say anything about off-road use. when did you pay sales tax?
  12. 1. got m/c beginner license after obtaining original copy of birth certificate 2. got KLX400R, streeted by dealer (no charge), good deal 3. got insurance 4. got form 551 for $27.50 5. got appointment for highway patrol inspection 6. inspector asks for proof that dealer installed street legal accessories 7. call dealer, get fax, pass inspection 8. inspector says thanks, now go get a safety inspection...??? 9. inspector says you can drive to jeff city and get everything done and ready to ride, or mail documents and wait 4-6 weeks 10. go get safety inspection at muffler mart, inspector calls hi-po to figure out the details...the irony is thick 11. drive to jeff city to hand carry docs thru appropriate channels. 12. jeff city people need another copy of receipt for accessories installed by dealer at no charge. 13. call dealer, get another fax 14. lady says they are going to issue me a DR number (to replace the VIN number), now go home and wait for the highway patrol to call you for another inspection. 15. did not get plates, still can't ride. 16. repeat all steps performed under the original VIN number to update to the new DR number that i am waiting on. 17. this is where the saga ends for now. wait for the federales to send a sticker to the hi-po so they can call me and have me bring my bike over (again). you might have noticed that none of the preceding story makes any sense at all. which just happens to be the point of the story. getting a dirt bike street legal is the most ****ed up backwards process....ever i don't think any of the smiley faces over on the right side of this box can really express my thoughts at this moment. i am so pissed that it borders on the sublime.
  13. iliketoridebikes

    got a 2003 KLX400R...where is my forum

    i am getting the street legal inspection tomorrow can't wait til i'm actually legal but i wouldn't mind waiting on paying the sales tax because i probably have to do that tomorrow too anyone know if excel black rims have the same effective rim diameter as the stock rims? aka can i relace my wheels on black rims?
  14. iliketoridebikes

    got a 2003 KLX400R...where is my forum

    your bike looks nice mine is street legal i want to get black rims for mine think that would look tough looks like you could use black rims too with all that other black stuff you got
  15. iliketoridebikes

    got a 2003 KLX400R...where is my forum

    right like the other guy wrote just wanted to read up on some of the less obvious differences if there are any