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  1. YZF753

    RMZ450 pictures

    I 've got my rmz 450 on e-bay for a low reserve . somebody 's gonna get a great deal !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. YZF753

    New bike blue's ???

    zdylanh check your pm
  3. YZF753

    New bike blue's ???

    zdylanh it's blue and I guess I would ship it at your cost .
  4. YZF753

    New bike blue's ???

    thank's for all the advice guy's but I've decided to let somebody else have the pleasure of owning this blue rocket . so any buyer's out there ? 2006 blue yzf 450 with 1 hr . 6000 will buy it !!!!!!!!!
  5. YZF753

    PRE-PRINTED backgrounds

    no question the best come from visionmotocross.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Let me start off buy saying I 've had all color's of 4 stroke's since 03 , 250 's and 450's and I must say that this new blue 450 is a handfull . smooth power but lot's of it .took it out yesterday and had a tuff time with it ( I know it's me not the bike ) been riding a 05 yz 250 2 stroke the last 2 week's and having a blast anyway's what's a 06 yzf 450 with 1 hr. worth ?? 6000 ish ??
  7. YZF753

    06 rmz450

    how about a used 05 for 4600.00 ?
  8. YZF753

    Waiting on my 06'...

    There's one on the floor in alexandria va , call and ask for woody he'll give you a great deal !!!
  9. YZF753

    Big bore question

    CB thank's for reply, sound's great light weight and good motor. what about jetting and gas and anything else that goes with a 290?
  10. YZF753

    Big bore question

    cbdaddy you said you went from a 270 to the 290 kit , how much of a differance was that in power ? you also say that the 290 doesn't sign off to soon ? Is that 290 kit a mini power house and does it make the little thumper pull hard out of the turn's ?
  11. YZF753

    290 bore kit

    thump thank's for your input . can you believe the shoot out results 1 st. kaw 2nd ktm 3 rd honda 4th yamaha , what are they thinking ?? after a couple month's of moto I think the kaw's will wear out quick well we don't have to talk about the ktm and the honda will must likely need valve's . 5 valve head's will last all year long . In the end the yamaha will be the best bike to own . All other color's save your money for repair's !!
  12. YZF753

    Crf Or Rmz

    what's your moto level ? the crf is more pro and the rmz is easier to ride
  13. YZF753

    Dr. D

    dr d pipe's are the best pipe's for the money. had one on a rmz 450 05 and it gave it better bottom and pulled farther on top. the doctor does seat time for his pipe's not so much dyno.
  14. YZF753

    best pipe ?

    With 1 ride how much can I sell it for ? maybe I'll buy the KTM , no freakin way and I hate the color green !!!!!!!!!!!! damit I did it again
  15. YZF753

    best pipe ?

    Stop it !!!!!! we talked about this. the kxf will be played out in no time and may be a time bomb . the crf is the same old . and to rate that stupid orange sled in frt. of the yzf is just CRAZY !! So that being said let's see what the other mag's say. and as you know sometime's we think what are the mag's thinking. keep this crap up and next weekend I'll " T BONE " YOUR ASS !!!