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    Stainless steel oil filter

    i went to the dealer to get a new filter for my 06 and they didnt have a listing for it, but the guy called Suzuki and found out its the same as the 05's, so the Scotts should work.
  2. 85260

    is WD40 bad for oring chains??

    i find myself torn on what to do! I used to use it too after i washed my bike to get the excess water out of the chain. I have heard that it dries out rubber(which it may, hence the name(water displacement 40 uses(WD40), but I just want my chain to free up. I have had all my bikes where the rear wheels spins just like wheel of fortune, but not this one, I just dont know if I havent broken in the chain or not. i know chains are a high wear item and maybe I shouldn't pit too much thought in this, but it's driving me nuts.
  3. 85260

    is WD40 bad for oring chains??

    hey guys, i just got an 06 rmz 450, and i noticed that the rear wheel doesnt spin nearly as freely as my old kx 250, the owners manual says to clean the chain with only kerosene, which I plan to do, and to lubricate with a heavy motor oil. I have been using Maxima Crystal Clear chain lube on it, but the chain still seems kinda tight, not tension tight because it has at least over 1 1/2" of slack, and the bike has at least over 1 hour on it. i was thinking of spraying some WD40 on it to see if it free's it up, but i dont want to damage the orings. Is this normal? I have never had an oring chain before, so i dont know if it just takes a while to loosen up and break in. Any suggestions?
  4. 85260

    How Much does it hold ???

    which antifreeze do you think is better, maximas coolanol, or engine ice?
  5. 85260

    How Much does it hold ???

    somebody hurry up and answer this! I have an 06 coming in next week and need to know too
  6. 85260

    Can U

    that was a cool article! it sounds kinda scary but makes sense too.