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    YZ250F vs. TTR 230

    ttr-230's are sooooooooo slow. they remind me of a raptor 350, its a trail bike for the elderly i'd say. i raced my buddy's with my yfz and my big wheel YZ 80 beat him with the 80 easy - not stock, and just killed him with the yfz. they are a six speed and when you hold them open for a long time they are faster then the yfz and 80 top end it ttr 230 goes about 80, i could keep up if i wanted to blow my yfz....again
  3. 05yfzse

    `06 yfz 450 slower than 04-05

    - why do most dirt bikers think they are soooo cool, i have one also and aren't anything like most fags on here just talking shit about the quads. where i'm from i do more shit on my yfz that others do on their dirt bikes. dirt bikers just settle down, go get stoned or something
  4. 05yfzse

    YFZ numbers

    Does anyone know how many 05 not 06 yamaha yfz special editions (yellow and black) they made that year? Also what set of numbers on the VIN tell you what number frame you have? thanks everyone
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    biggest bored banshee?

    Whats the biggest you can bore a banshee?
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    anyone else?
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    I have a 1993 YZ 80 i bought back a couple years ago for $800. It has quite a few mods and is damn fast for an 80, or should i say used to be. i got a leak in the radiator and i didn't know about it, she started doggin down on me and stuff like that. it will start if i pull it behind a vehicle but has no little to no power when running. did i just burn the rings out of it or is it worse then that? Also there was water coming out on the top of the motor where the spark plug is threw one of the screw heads so i'm pretty sure i need a new head gasket. so what should i order piston, rings, gaskets, what does it need to get running again? thanks for the help
  8. 05yfzse

    Pond Skipping

    can anyone else help i cannot find anything about it
  9. 05yfzse

    Pond Skipping

    does anyone have pics and/or videos of atvs skipping across water? any links? i saw a very modded banshee do it on like real tv or something but i can't find any on the internet. any help appreciated
  10. 05yfzse

    Clutch or No Clutch?

    lick em buddy
  11. i was wondering if its bad to shift on yfz's without clutch usage? i only do this while doing wheelies or ruff stuff while riding fast. i know it says to use it in the maual but maybe just to keep the idiots from racking on it then shifting. i change oil and all that every 10hrs and it seems to shift real smooth when i do it. also i was just wondering do you have to use clutches on banshee's? j/w cuz i know my dirt bike and many other 2 smokes you don't have to?
  12. 05yfzse

    Which bike would be good for me?

    yz 250 will guaruntee you won't be bringing up the rear
  13. since the new suzuki quadracer came out in feb i have been looking for reviews and just what they thought of riding it. there isn't much out there, i know they just came out but i also remember when the YFZ first came onto the scene there was also a lot of hype about it before it came out then when it did people just went crazy over them, i know that suzuki or anyone for that matter can make as big of a splash as the yfz did, but i am wondering since i know that people have them if they aren't as good as people thought or that suzuki marketed them to be. anyone else feel this way or am i just looking in all the wrong places for reviews?!?
  14. what does an 04 yamaha yz 125 redline at, if you don't know that year what do the others usually redline at, 2 strokes only