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  1. Yeah you're right courier1009 ..... I ride/race with a guy who is an AMA flat tracker who is always trying to get me to come play, but not on those bikes they scare the crap out of me just looking at them, maybe I'll try my hand at it on the KTM though!
  2. Hey People, I am new to the SuperMoto scene. Always been interested and now I have finally gotten a '04 KTM 625 SMC to play on. I have been road racing for a while now in WERA and AHRMA, but have no experience on Motards. I converted a klx 125 for my son to race mini motards at Edgewise but haven't really ridden it much. Does anyone know of any schools in the South Eastern US? I plan on doing some track days etc. but I would like to get the fundamentals in place first.