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  1. That's a loaded question. Make sure the bike has fresh cam bearings and water pump seals, updated with 03 parts. Do a search here and KTMTallk. My bike (01 520mxc) is setup with Rekluse auto clutch w/left hand rear brake, Precision concepts suspension, Power Pegs, Guts soft seat foam, JD jetting, etc. For tires I run Mitas trials rear and Metzeler MC4 front. Most of my riding is AZ singltrack with a little bit of dualsport now and then.
  2. ACH

    Is this a good deal on this EXC 380?

    I just bought a 99 380exc for $2400 in similar condition. He should be prepared to mess with jetting. Send him to KTMTalk and tell him how to search. You can read for days about jetting these bikes. The biggest problems seem to be the stock needle is junk and the stock head could use some work.
  3. ACH

    new here/few questions 97 360 mxc

    Most of what you're going to find is old stock. Check Rocky Mountain they show black rear fenders in stock. When I bought my wife's 360 she got on the phone with every KTM dealer she could find and bought all the grey and black plastics she could get. Good luck.
  4. ACH

    question on dhh headlight

    Problem is you've got a 40w stator and the dhh headlight consists of 2 35w bulbs. Unless you rewind the stator they will always be dim...
  5. ACH

    1999 KTM 380 mxc

    I just bought a 99 380 exc for $2400 in Phoenix. It has super low miles-orig. tires, sprockets, etc. The downfall to a low mi bike like this is that it sat for a looonnng time. Seals, hoses, radiators and stuff don't really like that.
  6. ACH

    18.5 Mpg Wtf!!!

    I get 30 mpg on my 520mxc. It has JD jetting and Honda diaphram.
  7. Again you go riding and don't invite. You just do these ride reports afterward.
  8. My 520 is plated in AZ...
  9. Jeff, I think it's been almost that long since we all rode together!! I know you haven't had a bike for awhile but what's your excuse Myron? Adam
  10. ACH

    Riding near Sedona

    Unfortunately I have to work the days you'll be here. Sorry.
  11. ACH

    Teraflex tires

    Couple questions: How are the tires holding up in the AZ rocks? What size are you using? I'm looking for a tire that will hold up on my KTM 520. The Dunlop 606 I've been using on lesser powered bikes doesn't seem to be lasting very will on this bike.
  12. 1. Enduro Engineering 2. They have a peel off sticky back then I use contact cement over the heater to hold the grip on then I safety wire them. 3. Same as the other side. 4. From the headlight. They'll run directly from the stator or on regulated current like from your headlight. The hardest part is figuring out where you want to wire them in and then making it all look nice. If you glue the grips on have someone standing by to help because they are tighter. Not really a difficult project at all but they sure are nice on a cold day!
  13. ACH

    Riding near Sedona

    I live in the area...it could be beautiful and 60-70 deg. or nasty wet and snow. Definitely will be cold at night like teens and 20s. As far as maps go the USFS map is the most comprehensive but for the Sedona area there is a smaller more detailed map that is pretty good for the jeepers. I don't know my work schedule that week yet but I should have 3 days off between the holidays-my wife and I could show you around if you want.
  14. ACH

    Any dirtbike rentals near Cottonwood AZ?

    Check out www.eaglerider.com . The website says they have DRZ400s, WR450s, etc. They're located just south of Sedona on Hwy 179(not the road that goes into Cottonwood). Do you know the area? Where were you planning to ride?
  15. ACH

    Powerpegz question

    They do feel weird at first. Then when you go back to std. pegs they feel weird. My wife got some first and now I have a pair on my KTM 520. No complaints.