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    Thanks guys, that's very helpful. I tend to be on the cautious side. I'll take a note of the CHP. Anyway, while sportbikes, like the CBRs my friends have had were no fun until you hit at least 80, my DRZ is fun at 40 on the street. At 65, with 9 pounds of pressure in the tires on the 15, it was one of the most scary things I'd ever done (yes i've fixed that problem). heh. So I'm not worried about going fast, just enjoying and not crashing -- or running out of gas. oh..yeah i meant ocotillo wells.
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    I have some friends camping/riding out at ocotillo today. I was planning on heading out and meeting up with them on my DRZ-400s. I'm looking at map quest and looks like a 100 mile ride from oceanside where I live. on that stock seat..hmm. I'm assuming there will be at least one gas station in the middle somewhere for that stock tank. anyway, i've never been out there, any info on the road conditions etc.? any recommendations? My drz is new, put a few hundred street miles on it, ,this will be my first offroad trip. first bike i've had in 12 years, since my cr125 days.
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    Dual-sport in SoCal -- newbie

    koo. How far north from NC are you anyway? Today so far has been a lot more fun than yesterday. For one I bought some riding pants and felt a lot less vulnerable than in just levis. passed a few cops to so I'm getting used to the idea that it's *ok* for me to be out there on the road.
  4. TimeRyder

    Dual-sport in SoCal -- newbie

    Well I survived. No stalls or cool accidental wheelies (or intentional ones), the engine seems very tight (I guess with it being new and all) so it took me a few minutes to get used to shifting. Turn signals, well, i remembered to turn them off 80% of the time! No dirt yet but that's probably ok, maybe i should get used to how the bike is suppose to feel before i start wrecking it offroad. We'll go some other time maybe felix? Thanks for the reply btw. And moto, yeah, during my research of D/Ss the tires and the seat seemed to be the biggest complaints with the drz. well, i'll proceed with caution on dirt.
  5. TimeRyder

    Dual-sport in SoCal -- newbie

    Well, tommorow morning is it. I get to finally ride my 06 DRZ400s for the first time! I bought it a few weeks ago feeling a little anxious, but not having a truck to get it to dirt and no license I couldn't ride it! Anyway, I took the MSF course and then got my learners permit and the bike insured within the last couple days so now the challenge is on, to stay alive on the road and to try to find some fun places to ride and people to ride with. I live in Oceanside/vista btw. I'm a little nervous about riding on the street so I'm getting up tommorow at the crack of dawn and hopefully that will give me a fighting chance at dodging the cages while I get a feel for this beast. I do have dirt experience, had a CR125 as a teenager (I'm 33 now) and during early 20s and spend most my riding time outrunning angry landowners and fleeing from oncoming cops. I think part of my nervousness about tommorow is my mind subconsciously links being on a bike -- especially on pavement -- with being in deep ****. I've ridden a few different kinds of dirtbikes, CR500s a couple times at sand mountain, and overall I was an OK rider. But I'm definitely considering myself a novice at this point and want to take it slow. So anyway, if there are other semi-conservative D/S riders in the North County area I'd sure like to find some people to follow around! As for tommorow morning, if you see a squid wearing blue gear on a blue drz stalled in traffic, that's probably me!