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  1. I noticed the same thing, real quiet but it really has no hit on the bottom now and the thing is huge. What about the Pro Moto Billet, I'm not sure if it will pass sound but I don't think it's going to kill the bottom like the Q/2.
  2. Someone else posted that the bars are not the same size either.
  3. I went to a 40 leak jet and it seems to be better but my jetting still seems a little off. I think I am going to try a jd jet kit. How do you like your megabomb system? I want to try and get a little more low end out of my 06.
  4. Mine has a bog off the bottom I just got a #40 leak and will try that out this weekend.
  5. Well I can't find a # 40 in stock ( nobody even knows what it is ) so I ordered one. I will let everyone know how it goes.
  6. 18662731197 it's a full coverage offroad skidplate, I think these guy's are making them for some of the bigger company's ,they look really good. I'm still trying to find a front disk gaurd and waiting on scotts to come out with the stabelizer bracket's.
  7. Sounds like a big jump going with the #40 they sure went lean from the factory.
  8. Thanks for info on the skid plate I just ordered one.
  9. Mine starts real easy hot or cold, I think it's easier than my 250 2 strk.
  10. I will go get it tommorrow and give it a try. Thanks, Brett
  11. The stock leak jet #80. This is my first 4strk and I have had to do a bunch of searching to figure out this carb.
  12. Anyone have any problems with a low end bog. The bike runs great everywhere else even when I roll on the throttle but if I blip it it bogs or stalls. I'm playing with the pilot and needle jet now but I thought someone may be able to save me some time. Thanks, Brett