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  1. There are lowering links aren't there?
  2. Good Lord!!!!!! Too much - Waaaaaaaaaay too much - I'm getting a headache!
  3. DR650SE - 324 lbs. KLR650 - 365 lbs.
  4. Air up your tires! LOL:ride:
  5. you so crazeeeee
  6. Yes, starts MUCH easier!
  7. put 'em in today - this thing is really a BEAST now. Amazing what new matching and correct plugs will do.
  8. Wrong - that would be considered "low mileage"
  9. Life is short - Don't pay attention to a$$holes
  10. None of those posts apply as mine's a '93
  11. Thanks sdemondo!
  12. Found out tonight my bike has two spark plugs! When I got my '93 DR650 last year, I did the typical oil/filter change, air filter service, chain lube/adjust, and replaced the spark plug with a new NGK DP9EA. Well, I guess I didn't notice the other plug right behind it. Just pulled it out, and it's a NGK DPR8EA. Wonder if that could be part of my hard starting/missing when running problem. Which plug number should I be using?
  13. When I bought my '93 DR650, it had a deafening Cobra muffler, and the side cover was removed from the airbox, so I'm also assuming it has a larger main jet than stock. So, recently I put the stock pipe back on, and now I think it's running rich now. It's also really hard to start. How hard is it for me to change jets? Also, how do I find out what the other carb settings are? Any help you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lance.