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  1. I have brand new excel KTM hardparts 17" wheels with Pirelli Corsa's. The rear has a cush hub. When I shift in low gear at slow speeds, I notice some weird delay or slippage going on. Is this normal with a cush hub? Is it a clutch or tranny issue? My bike is an 05 KTM 525 exc. My clutch is hydro and when my bike is cold, it will run in gear slightly with the clutch all the way in. If I put it on a lift stand, the rear wheel will go while the clutch is in on startup. The delay or slippage only happens with the 17's on and after I changed the front sprocket to a 15...and only in low gears on startup. Once on the road with speed, there is no noticable thing going on. Another issue is my front wheel. It has a tiny bit of side to side play. It's enough to notice. Everything is tight and I triple checked it for correct config and tightness. The play doesn't have any effect on my handling or steering and it's not noticable while riding. If I put the bike on the lift, and hold one fork and pull the wheel back and forth, it will click with movement. It's like 1/25 of a mil of play. Is this normal? My other bikes front wheels are tight...but nothing to compare with a motard size or type.
  2. k6wlt

    Helmet Choice

    If you own the XD, how does it do in the dirt with dusty conditions? I was told by the dealer when I was shopping for it, that the shield is not static treated and the dust will cling to the shield. Also, I was told by a guy who owns one that on dusty dirt rides, he takes it off and uses goggles because the dust swirls around inside the helmet.
  3. I just put some of these tires on my bike and so far they are working pretty well on the asphalt. The bike is a bit squirrlie on the gravel dirt roads, but is doable. Anyone else running these? If you are, any problems backing on the track with them if you are running them that way? thanks
  4. k6wlt

    Helmet Choice

    I use my MX helmet in the summer and my road/snowmobile helmet in the winter when it's 40 degrees or below. If it's under freezing temps, I attach the breathbox. The visor on the MX helmet really pushes my head back at high speed and after a while, hurts my already c5/6 fused-plated neck. The road helmet is heavier and hurts it in a different way, but is way better for wind cutting, bug blocking and vision all together. The MX helmet looks better and is cooler in hot temps. It's a toss up and depends on weather, wind, bugs and vision.