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  1. you need to remove the auto decompression of the cam first See Page 2 The auto decompresson is so you can start the bike easy.. when it gets over 800 RPM it turns off and runs correctly
  2. Easiest way would be to do a compression test.
  3. I would check everything (check oil levels, chain, coolent etc) clean the air filter every 2.5 hours or after every ride.. i would replace the oil and filters every 15 hours worth of work and the RingsPiston every 6-12 months or when its starting to lack a little power.
  4. OK.. Here are the results Dry Test (Throttle off): 97 PSI Dry Test (Throttle on): 97 PSI Dry Test (With Auto Decompression on): 50 PSI Wet Test (Throttle off): 100 PSI Here are a few pic's of the Auto decompression that the Honda uses etc I'm guessing that 97 PSI is about right although if there is anyone who would like to test there bike to confirm or if there is anything else that could be tested if you would like to let me know it would be good.
  5. i will to a test tonight and get the results on here within a few hours
  6. if it said 57 PSI would be with the auto decompression on the cam still. if you remove the valve cover there is a small device that you removed to get a correct reading. Its on there so you can start the bike without snapping off your leg. on the right side of the cam there is a 8mm bold that you remove and pull out the auto decompression. At 57 PSI i don't think the bike would even start. I would have though that 140 - 180 would be right, although I haven't done a lot with bikes only cars
  7. Excellent, Thanks for that.. i will try it and see what i get
  8. I'm not holding the throttle.. Should i be? that shouldn't make a difference... should it? I defiantly think that the best way would be to test it on a second bike.. also i haven't done a wet test as of yet.. maybe i should do that and see what i get. So how would you generally test for faults on the bike.. testing the compression doesn't seem to be something that is generally done.
  9. hrmmm.. i really dont know what to do. where i bought it from said if there was something wrong that they would fix it although i dont want to stuff them arround.. possibly it is just the cam. i would have though at 97psi it would run preatty bad but it seems ok. possibly it would be best to just leave it?
  10. Haha.. i only just bought it and i found oil in the radiator after a few rides. its not lacking any power. i flushed the radiator several times and went back to where i bought it from and they said the oil was from a head that they just replaced. there hasent been any more oil in the radiator and its not blowing smoke im just a little concerned about spending all this money buying a new bike and finding out the head is gone. its an 05 so it shouldent have done too many hours. But who knows
  11. Dose anyone know what compression my CRF250R should be running. I have removed the auto decompression off the cam to get an accurate reading and I am getting around 97psi. Dose this seem right