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  1. bajaracer

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Sorry no red "number" here, if you like doing one loops then that's your business. I have better things to do (like ride/race) than play keyboard Rooster with people like you.
  2. bajaracer

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Been checking out this thread on & off for the better part of the last year. Shmo seems to have gotten into a nice off road groove but I have to say that this "trailbuster" person is nothing more than a Rabel Rouser. If the guy is so critical of everyones riding/racing,then he needs to get his ass out to Jackrabbits or ANY Dist. race and show all of us "NOVICES" what it's all about. I promise you all one thing, I'll get to the finish shute before "trailbuster" is even thinking about a second loop. I don't tend to jump into the drama on these boards but this Trailbuster guy just rubbed me the wrong way ! Sorry for posting but I guess we all have our moments.... Now let's ride ... :~)
  3. bajaracer

    Battery tenders. What solution works best for you?

    If you ride the bike often enough then there's no need,however I do have one that goes on Customers bikes as soon as they roll in. The nice thing about them is that they are a no Brainer,meaning that you can plug them in and walk away.I still have the leads under the seats of my bikes so IF I need to,all I have to do is plug it in. Great chargers IMHO. Hope this helps..
  4. bajaracer

    Jawbone Store

    The Ladys name was Olga and she was laid to rest some months back. The Joint is still a great place to go, stop in and say hello to Olgas Daughter,Bernadette...happy trails :~)
  5. bajaracer

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    In a 2 stroke, no problem. Just don't run it in a 4 Stroke. I've been using ATF in 2 stoke bottom ends for 30 plus yrs. without a problem, Change it after every ride and you're good to go . Hope this helps...:~)
  6. bajaracer

    Cal City Hotel

    I wouldn't count on them "looking" the other way. There are plenty of "No off road vehicles" signs all around our neighborhoods out here and LEO has been cracking down. If you're thinking of going across the pavement and up Proctor,which is the obvious route, you have to pass a huge red sign that clearly states NO OHV. There is talk about making a legal trail into the hotel as well as one into town so visitors can ride to the Gas stations,but that might be awhile. I have been stopped a few times and even as a resident,they do frown on it. Not trying to be a buzzkill,just saying...happy trails
  7. bajaracer

    District 37 desert racing video

    Tyson, Got all that and I know the drill,just didn't recognize the screen name. Been a Digger for over 30yrs.. (hence the logo..lol) Mom was a Life member as well. Sorry bout the confusion and by all means...CHASE THE RIBBON !!!! p.s. Come by the Digger Camp @ the next race for a cold Barley Pop, Mr.L****R..
  8. bajaracer

    District 37 desert racing video

    Tyson, the video was great ! What club are you in ?
  9. bajaracer


    Better yet, come on out and support the clubs that go to the trouble of putting on these races. Great way to meet alot of cool riders and you can guest pit with any of the clubs out there.
  10. bajaracer

    Please support Lucho for Mayor of Cal City

    Kind of short notice for those that live outside the area,but Lou is having a "meet & greet" Tommorow (sat. Sept. 8 ) @ the Best Western Inn from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. This would be a great opportunity for people to come out and hear what he has planned. Now let's go ride...
  11. bajaracer

    Kern Sheriff On Plated Bikes

    Just a guess, but You probably won't EVER see the Kern bikes in Los Angeles Cnty.I live out in the Mojave area and have run across these 2 Deputies NUMEROUS times. Officer Williams is a SOLID rider (so much so that he was on a winning team @ the Baja 1000 2 yrs ago) and if you ever have the fortune to cross paths with him,don't sweat it. He likes to School riders,rather than write Cites,that is unless your REALLY are riding like a newb-goon. Not saying you or your group are....just saying. Now let's all ride and have fun
  12. bajaracer

    He tried to kill us!

    That statement right there is too funny, I don't care who you are ! Never met nor gone for a ride with Bill_P but I love the Gorman reference cause it fits !
  13. bajaracer

    "Taylor LaKamp 4rd Annual Memorial Ride"

    Bumped for a good cause
  14. Jerry, I was there with Wayne and a few other Riders from Cal City..Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you. Have some ideas that I'm going over with Wayne and would like you're input as well. I'll touch base with you via PM later today. Thanks Tim
  15. bajaracer

    Ride Wednesday

    Still dry up here.Dark clouds but nothing as of 11:00.