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  1. crf250king

    CRF450R no spark

    did you ever find out your problem on this bike ? i have the same problem with mine.also nesc103y will the bike spark if the tps is unplugged then ???
  2. crf250king

    2009 crf450r no spark

    did you find out what the problem was with this bike as i have the same problem too and i am lost as what to do next ???
  3. crf250king

    2009 crf450 running problem

    hi all just a quick one,my bike at racing yestaday was working fine in the first two races,got back to the pits turned it off, was running fine,gos to start it in the 3rd race to go to the line. starts but as soon as i flip the throttle it just cuts out the red light comes on ,then start it again runs nice,soon as i hit the throttle the red light comes on pops then cuts out,any one got any ideas what it could be,yeah i have put a ne plug in ??
  4. crf250king

    will a 2005 kxf250 stator fit a 2006 kxf250 ?

    yeah just to let you know it worked thanks for the help
  5. crf250king

    exhaust valves hitting top of piston? ***

    thats somthing i would like to know too as i have a 09 piston in a 07 bike.and it sounds a bit tappy on the top end. could you please lets us know what year pistons you was using
  6. crf250king

    will a 2005 kxf250 stator fit a 2006 kxf250 ?

    thanks mate
  7. as the title says i can get my hands on a 2005 stator for a kxf250.but will it fit a kxf250 2006 as they look the same engine.but i am sure the 04 05 kxf250 had diffrant electrics.so i would of thought the same with the 05 06 please help. and for the guys that will want to know what happen to the old one it took a whack and split in half when the bottom end went:banghead:
  8. crf250king

    rmz 250 valve clearence specs 2008

    thanks mate:thumbsup:
  9. crf250king

    rmz 250 valve clearence specs 2008

    hi as above does anybody have the maunal to check the valve clearance specs please
  10. crf250king

    09 crf450 gearbox

    thanks for that.just had mine striped down and the gear selctor drum is broke to.is this some sort of design fault ?
  11. crf250king

    09 crf450 gearbox

    hi will a 06 crf450 gearbox fit into a 09 gearbox the reson i ask is there is a full gearbox on ebay for a 06 at the right money.