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  1. Colorado

    The schedule says PPIR Racway and Fountain Creek. Isn't that the same place?
  2. Colorado

    I liked it, I thought it was a good race although I'm not big on MX tracks. I fell 4 times in the first 3 laps and fought back to a 3rd place finish from 7th in 40+ B.
  3. Colorado

    You going to be their? I plan on racing 40B in the AM
  4. Colorado

    Congrats on 10th!! How you feeling? How did the bike run?
  5. Colorado

    I'm gonna pre enter this weekend for GJ.
  6. Colorado

    It is, I'm in CR and I plan on riding their Sunday.
  7. Colorado

    Good luck in your 1st race back Brian. Finish strong brother!!
  8. If your going to be in RV for that long you should look into connecting RV to Westwater. I've heard it can be done but I have never done it.
  9. Colorado

    25 South to 50 West. Left on Pueblo Blvd. The entrance will be on your right. Park anywhere, ride.
  10. Colorado

    I don't have a prefrence. But I'll park in the far lot by the entrance to the Drag strip. I'll look for you.
  11. Colorado

    Didn't make it down their today. I'm shooting for tomorrow. I should be their around 11. Silver S-10 with a KTM. Look me up if you like. Ill be by my self. I know the place farily well.
  12. Colorado

    Looks dry on the CDOT web cams Ill be their tomorrow around lunch time.
  13. Colorado

    Sidney in Sep!!! Gotta love that!! Where is Gardener? Any other info on that one?
  14. I'd be up for white wash.