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  1. crashyz426

    What am I doing wrong?

    pivot works and race tech both make a kit that comes with everything for about $75. I use electrical tape on top of the fork tube when I slide the seal on. Still have problems, then you may have a bent fork tube or like gray said a scratch or burr on the tube. Real seal drivers help
  2. I know these bikes are very similar and the pipe looks the same in the pics, but does anyone know if the pipe will fit on a 2000 yz426? I found a good deal on the full system and if the header doesnt fit I was going to use the mid and silencer.
  3. crashyz426

    clutch basket

    will another clutch basket fit a 2000 yz426 or is it specific to a 426, ie, yz250f or yz250, year specific? I know a lot of yz parts are compatible but not sure about this one, any help?
  4. crashyz426

    safety clip on rear of brake pedal

    well that would explain why I couldnt figure it out. Apparently the bolt has been broken, there is no hole in the bolt, just some grooves on the end of it, assuminly where the hole was.....I dont feel so stupid now
  5. Can anyone explain or better yet show pics of how this clip goes back on the bolt holds the brake pedal on. I think mine is bent, but I still cant figure out how it goes on....or if it is really necessary? Its on a 2000 yz426
  6. Im trying to move the hot start lever to the handle bars on a 2000 426. Ive got a hot start lever but no cable. I found a hot start cablefor a crf 450 for $10 and was wondering if anyone knew if the cable itself would work or if they are two different types?
  7. crashyz426

    Broken Chain and countersprocket

    Ive been using primary drive o ring chains and sprockets on my past 2 bikes and havent had a single issue. Granted I ran the c/s combo on a 95 cr250 for about a year, and have been running them on my 2000 426 for about a year also. For me they seem real cheap and dependable. I think I paid $75 for all of it shipped. i keep them lubed and clean, and adjusted correctly. no problems.
  8. crashyz426

    Metal reusable Oil filter any good

    I love mine too, Its easy too, pull it out clean it up with carb cleaner and put it back in. Just pay attention to which way it comes out, just a reminder.
  9. crashyz426

    metal particles in oil filter, excessive?

    Mine is all stock and the first time I changed the oil there was a lot of particles in it. since then there is some in it every time I cahnge the oil but not much
  10. crashyz426

    Maint. cost?? Yz426F

    I went from a 95 cr250 and am so glad that i did. The power difference is indescribable. I had the cr for 4 years and rebuilt the top end only once right before I sold it. Ive had the 426 for 1 year and the only thing Ive done is get a ready oil filter, twin air air filter and regrease all of the bearings. The thing is awesome.
  11. crashyz426

    Pivot Works Fork Seal/Bushing Kit

    Personally I think that using OEM parts is just a waste of hard earned money. Ive never used OEM parts cuz I cant afford them, and laugh when they tell me how much the damn things cost. I dont go to the dealer for anything and have never really had much trouble. Most of my parts come form chapparrell or rocky mountain or ebay, and I pay about half for any given part from the dealer
  12. crashyz426

    Cheapest tires on the internet

    WOW that americanmototire has the dirt sharks for about $50 a set! I dont know if they are backordered but damn thats a deal. My maxxis IT's are wearing pretty well Theyve been on there since last fall, 50/50 trail/track, but for that price I think I know what tire Ill be getting next
  13. crashyz426

    Exhaust popping when I let off

    mine pops like that when the hot start is pulled, have you checked that, maybe a leak there???
  14. crashyz426

    01' YZ426 Mods

    maybe i just got lucky with my 426, but I dont even want to try the auto decompress cam. Mine starts on the first kick every time, and my buddy with a crf250 has to kick and kick and kick. you see the guys in MX/supermoto having so much trouble getting theirs started if they stall it, Even with the hot start still on the carb, I can mine started much quicker than them.