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    riding and quading and straight up hanging out with my friends
  1. kougha

    how fast will a ttr go!!!

    can anyone tell me how fast a 2003 ttr125l go with a shaved flywheel, air box mod and a big gun race pipe>????????
  2. kougha

    creater of www.ttr125l.com

    hey i was wondering how to post a couple of my ttr125l pictures on the net??? so if you could get back to me on that i would like to post a couple awsome pictures bye.
  3. kougha

    ttr125l swing arm help!!

    hi again i would like to know if a 2000-2005 yamaha yz80 swingarm would fit on my ttr125l ??? please tell me what you know!!
  4. kougha

    bbr bore system on a ttr125l??

    hey peo ple, my name is aaron and i love to ride. Its definatly my hobbie. I currently have a ttr125l. For me its ok on power. I am also a VERY rough rider, ill try anything you throw at me. But i want to have a little more power. I just recently discovered www.ttr125l.com. (great site by the way) and have done alot of mods to my ttr like the flywheel ex.. i also noticed the bbr big bore system and would like to now the basics about it, like how fast will it make my bike or if you can even tell wether you put it on or not. for $399 i what to know a little about it before i buy it. so please tell me what you know about the bore system or even any other mods i can do that arnt on the ttr125l.com -Thanks, Aaron