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    KTM 640 LC4 super motard

    I have an 04 prestige and ride 2 up the whole time to commute in london and to get around. my girlfriend is 5'11 and I am 6'1 and we fit fine, the pegs are low enough for both of us and it goes well enough to cruise at 90 mph on the motorway. Long travel suspension is very forgiving when having to dodge traffic and break hard, just look to increase the preload on the rear shock by moving the locking ring down by about 1 cm. It is very stable around fast tight corners two up and handles brilliantly. Plus it is light and hence not a hassle to hoik around when moving slow (no drops yet, touch wood!) We do however want to get the comfort seat to make it a bit comfier on long journeys (2 hours max journey length) but this only costs 65£. You will get about 80 miles from the tank, before you have to go on reserve. My gfriend loves it because it looks wicked and we always get attention cruising around london. Also for winter the stock pirelli mt60 have proved very grippy on the wet and diesel covered streets. They warm up fast despite the cold too. GO FOR IT!