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  1. 250f92109

    Crf450r 03 Vs. 05

    I recently heard they make bigger changes to the bikes every 3 years, so 02-04 is the same and 05-07 is basically the same? Is this correct? Does anyone know if the 03 is the same as the 04 then? I have someone wanting to trade me their 04 for my bike, but it seems it is better to get at least an 05.
  2. I made some beans and tuna with some tabasco for dinner tonight, thats some pretty good shit. Never thought of that before. I'll be packing some for my desert trips!
  3. Mine no longer stays in the perch so I just stuffed it behind the front light. it starts in gear but but I always pull in the clutch before starting anyways.
  4. 250f92109

    Graphic kits

    Are the 05 WR450 shrouds the same as the 05 YZ450 shrouds? Seems a little harder to find WR graphics.
  5. 250f92109

    High compression question

    Higher compression is typically associated with race motors that run cams with larger duration and more overlap which bleeds off compression. I have never built a race motor for a bike but can say that for cars it all depends on the cam you choose and your ignition timing whether it will ping or not. You can always try a 50-50mix of race gas if you dont want to spend the $$ for straight race gas. When you get it together please let us know how she runs. Since Yamaha doesnt have a wr525 yet, I might be making similar mods in the future.
  6. Looking for people who want to ride weekdays that live in San Diego. Track, desert, trails, it doesn't matter to me. I'm off work by 9:30am and can ride anytime after that. Message me if interested. Jonathan
  7. I have a 450 MXC and am thinking of getting rid of it to buy a 450 SX. My bike is great for slower technical stuff or wide open riding but is harder to whip around and make quick turns in the desert and dunes. I ride my friends YZ's which has the same bore/stroke/compression as the SX and dont want to get back on my bike. My bike feels slower and requires more work in quick turns. How do the 05 450SX's compare with the YZ450's?
  8. 250f92109

    MXC tank on SX ?

    I have an 04 450MXC and when I bought a clarke tank I was told I needed to have an EXC seat to make it work so I bought an EE seat for it. So most likely you'll need a new one. I would call Enduro Engineering to make sure though.
  9. 250f92109

    Power Now on 06 525SX

    I installed the Power Vane on Friday and rode this weekend and loved the power. Initially I left the JD kit in and saw a big difference but it was lean on the top end so I changed the main back to the stock 178 and left in the red needle. It feels like a new bike, I highly recommend it.
  10. 250f92109

    Power Now on 06 525SX

    Has anyone installed the HT Power Vane after already having a JD Jet Kit and AP diaphragm installed? If so did it make a noticeable difference? This is the set up I have with no bog but am wondering if the Power Vane is worth the $70 after the mods I already have.
  11. 250f92109

    Clarke Tank modification

    I only have 2 rides on the new tank and haven't even came close to emptying it but didnt want to have to stop in the middle of a ride in mexico to dump the bike over. If I can avoid it with a 15min fix why not! JG
  12. I recently installed the 3.2gl Clarke tank on my 04 450MXC and realized that if the gas gets below the frame line I am going to have to dump the bike over to get gas in the other side of the tank where the fuel valve is. Has anyone done a modification to fix this by connecting the 2 sides with a rubber hose or something similar. I don't want to make a hole in the tank and find out there was something I forgot to figure in. Jonathan
  13. 250f92109

    Sprockets and chain anyone?

    I have an 04 450 MXC and am thinking about a rear sprocket change. It has a 50 rear, will adding 1 or 2 teeth (so as not to buy another chain) to the rear make much difference?
  14. Is there a trick to keeping the dirt out of the twist throttle? Whenever I lay down my bike in the dirt the throttle starts sticking because of crap that gets lodged in the bars and between the twist part of the throttle. I happens with and without hand guards (bolt on the end). Other than not laying down the bike, how to I keep the dirt out? JG