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  1. JIM27

    BBR 160 bbk

    oh its a klx 110 and usally the klx is more popular when looking for stuff for some reason atleast on ebay more parts come up when doing a search
  2. JIM27

    BBR 160 bbk

    Does anyone have this kit? I just got the BBR 160 kit, BBR cam, BBR 4 speed drum, and port and polish for $325 and this includes full installation, is this a good deal on all these parts (they are brand new still in box). I'm curious in what to expect with all this stuff, all the work is being done by a pro atv mx mechanic. Oh it still has stock carb and pipe until I get some extra cash. thanks in advance for any info
  3. JIM27

    06 Sprocket Ques

    Will a front sprocket off of the 04-06 rmz 250 fit on the 06 kawi 250? im in a pinch and need one and our local dealer has one for the suzuki and a few companies say they will work and others have different part numbers thanks in advance j27
  4. JIM27

    i need a subframe

    i just checked through k-dealer.com to see what was going on with the price diff. again i got the same prices retail is 447.48 and bone cost is 290.86 where did you find the price of 170 at? anyway if thats the price you got its a steel
  5. JIM27

    Alittle more help on xr70?

    tdc= top dead center just turn your magnito to the t mark and make sure your cam gear mark is lined up with the mark on the head should be in the 9:00 position then loosen up the valve adjustment nuts with a 9mm wrench then use a feeler gauge to get them between .002-.003in then i use persescion pliers to hold the bolt as your tightening the nut then i roll the mag one full turn back to tdc and check them again to make sure they are right if you have any more questions feel free to ask
  6. JIM27

    Alittle more help on xr70?

    there is no actual oil filter on that bike there is an oil pump and oil screen (i took my oil screen out after a couple of years of abuse and it was still fine) but if your modding i would go ahead and buy a high volume oil pump there cheap and help get the head more oil changing your jets isn't going to add hp, on my 02 xr70 i put a pro circuit and uni filter on (stock air box filter) and i didn't need to jet and then on my 03 xr50 i installed a pipe, 82cc big bore kit and same uni as 70 and when i went to the bigger jet it wouldn't run worth a shit except right off bottom (which is controled by the needle not main) so just depending on what kind of mods your doing will determine the jet you need but just pipe and filter you should be good
  7. JIM27

    Alittle more help on xr70?

    to adjust your valves just take off the covers make sure your at tdc then adjust them between .002 and .003in and i usally turn the mag one full turn and check them like that a few times as for the brakes just buy them then take them home when you pull the brake hub you'll see how easy it is just use your hands and pull them apart and slide over the cam then pull the other side off then remove the 2 springs and put them on your new brakes and just pull them apart and install one side at a time and 18 bucks is a good price on them i just checked they are 18.10 at our shop and i always cut the screens on mine for that very reason they clog up way to easy and to me there just pointless to have on there they are way to restrictive imo
  8. JIM27

    i need a subframe

    i can get you a brand new one for 20% above cost so it would be 350 + shipping if you need it let me know
  9. JIM27

    Alittle more help on xr70?

    1 no oil filter 2 if there tapping adjust them and you should be fine 3 40 is ok i run motol 10-40 in all my minis 4 you probaly won't see a bunch of oil there just the way the motor design is 5 id check the air filter and if exhaust is stock pull the end cap and check the screen (i cut all the screens off on all mine) make sure the carb is clean 6 brakes are very easy to change don't pay the 70 bucks hope that helps you out some
  10. JIM27

    50 sites

    I wonder why that was cory? if you did half the stuff you tried on 50riders then i don't blame them
  11. JIM27

    determining the year of the bike

    check your tenth digit of the vin number and that character represents the year of the bike if you pm me with the character i can tell you what year it is
  12. JIM27

    KX250F 06 - recall from the factory in US?

    i haven't heard anything about this and i asked our service manager where i work and he hasn't heard anything on this issue either but if we here something at the shop i will let you know
  13. JIM27

    Alpinestar Tech 10 HELP!

    mine does the same thing i was going to try to take it out and cut it down a little bit because i think it is bottoming out due to its length if you find a solution please let me know so i can get mine to adjust right j27
  14. JIM27

    CRF 50 won't run.

    did you happen to remove the airbox and not hook up the ground wire that goes behind the airbox bolt hole? i've done that a few times, you are at a good starting point on the air screw but on the idle you just want it so when it runs it idles smoothly and doesn't jump when you engage into gear so you don't need a tach on that and check your valves to make sure they are in spec and go over your electrical and check spark too hope that helps some j27
  15. JIM27

    Need Klx 110 Parts

    I know this should be placed elsewhere, but i'm building a 110 from scratch and i need everything but a seat and swinger so any parts you have for sale send me spme prices, and i really need a motor the most. thanks in advance j27