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  1. Chas_M

    Computer just says "beta"

    It is very easy to do but yes it is a mild bummer. How do you keep track of the mileage and hours or perhaps you don't care?
  2. Chas_M

    Computer just says "beta"

    The problem likely is a bad battery in the computer. I change my computer battery about twice a year to avoid this issue.
  3. Chas_M

    Flat on top - exc 300 2012

    I doubt that a 168 main would be too lean with the rich tapered Suzuki needle.
  4. Chas_M

    Tall Seat

    I hope that you are not sitting on the seat over jumps!
  5. Chas_M

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    It does sound ridiculous, unless it can be proven.
  6. Chas_M

    Does my yz426 have a WR transmission?

    This is an excellent suggestion, but it won't work if the speed sensor is on the front wheel.
  7. Chas_M

    300 xc w Gearing

    What is the gearing on the bike? My '16 Beta 300RR came with 13/49 sprockets and it will easily 'cruise' at 55mph. For my higher speed desert trips I use a 14 tooth sprocket to lower RPM a little. Since Beta and KTM sprockets are interchangeable I even tried one of my 15 tooth KTM sprockets on my 300RR. The bike easily pulled the 15 T sprocket which would be helpful for long treks (which I would never plan to do). The 14 T sprocket still easily manages the slower, tight trails with no problem however the 15T sprocket would of course be way too high geared here.
  8. Chas_M

    2005 525exc ?

    I'll bet that this bike has a lot more than 18 hrs on it now since this thread dates back to early 2010.
  9. The extra length in the spring does not mess anything up as the extra length can easily be accommodated for with the preload adjusters.
  10. There is almost zero damage here when the tires are rolling smoothly (not spinning) across smooth pavement.
  11. After washing my bike I am religious about taking the bike out for a 10+ mile run on back country roads to dry everything off then lube the chain back in the garage. Here in CA I don't necessarily wash the bike after every ride. Often I will blow the bike off with my air compressor rather than washing.
  12. Chas_M

    2016 vs 2018 Beta 300rr

    That might be a mistake on your part. Most folks would love to have plated dirt bikes. Even though most do not ride their dirt bikes on the street, it gives 'piece of mind' on those street connector sections.
  13. Chas_M

    2016 vs 2018 Beta 300rr

    Note that most of that 10 lb weight saving was due to the Li battery and elimination of the kick start in the '18 model. Beta did improve the shift mechanism in the '18 but this can easily be retrofitted to the '16. I have no shifting issues with my '16 300RR.
  14. Chas_M

    First Ride on 2018 Beta 300rr

    The Motion Pro fork alignment tool works well but doesn't really help in making sure that the forks parallel. With my bike on a stand I visually sight across the fork tubes from a side view to make sure they are parallel.
  15. Chas_M

    Tubliss- Love/hate relationship

    I agree. I've said this before and I'll say it again. Use Slime for the mounting lubricant and make sure that the Slime covers the Tubliss carcass and the inside edges of the tire carcass. Forget about using ArmorAll or soapy water.