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  1. Chas_M

    Who does custom brake lines?

    http://spieglerusa.com has an excellent reputation for making custom brake lines. I have used them several times and have been completely satisfied.
  2. What type of riding do you do. The MXC has an extremely close ratio 6 speed trans which severely limits its range of uses unless the bike is selectively re-geared for each riding condition. For instance when the MXC is properly geared for tight single-track that same gearing has the engine screaming at way too high rpm's when running at higher speeds. The wider ratios in the EXC are much better at handling a variety of riding conditions without the necessity of constantly re-gearing with different sprockets.
  3. Chas_M

    Replacing my 13 300 battery

    If you don't need e-start you can still kick start the bike and run like normal with or without a battery.
  4. Chas_M

    X Trainer 300 Oil change

    Explain to me how a dirty air filter relates to dirty oil in a 2-stroke. Are the two even related?
  5. Chas_M

    Radiator Temp Probe

    Check to see if the right radiator has a threaded spigot near the inside bottom for screwing a BMW thermo-sensor into. If not, the thermo-sensor with an adaptor can be spliced into a coolant hose.
  6. Chas_M

    Downieville to Gold Lake

    Over the years I have ridden most of the standard DV trails however I don't recall riding the trail(s) in the video. Nice video by the way.
    I thought that every knowledgable person by now knew that K&N filters should not be used on dirt bike engines. It is a proven fact that these filters do a poor job of filtering out small dust particles and silt.
  7. Is K&N "filtercharger juice" designed specifically for foam filters or is it for K&N filters? Foam filters require a thicker tacky oil to work properly. The standard K&N filter oil is way too thin to work properly for a foam filter..
  8. Chas_M

    New 300RR oil sprray

    Zip ties for the pipe connector do work if they are tight enough although I prefer to use a couple of narrow hose clamps instead.
  9. Chas_M

    2018 beta 300 RR battery

    You've got to be kidding! I have been using Li batteries in all of my dirt bikes since 2002 without any issues other than a faulty Shorai battery. I am now even using an EarthX Li battery in my BMW R1200GS. As long as there are no parasitic drains Li batteries rarely if ever require external charging. I did however buy one of the newer inexpensive Battery Tender Jr's which can be switched for lead acid or Li batteries just in case.
  10. Chas_M

    RR 300 gearbox oil ?

    I have been using ATF Type F in my EFM auto clutch 300RR with excellent results. I have also used Rotella T6 (5W40) and T (15W40) and cannot really discern much if any difference.
  11. Chas_M

    Radiator Thermoswitch

    As already repeatedly mentioned, these thermo-sensors are widely available in various temp ranges from a variety of sources including auto part stores, online, etc.
  12. Chas_M

    Downieville 2018

    That's a shame because you are missing some super riding there.
  13. I really love my '16 Beta 300RR and I ride in all types of terrain from tight single-track and two-track to desert. For several years I had three dirt bikes in my garage - '08 HTR 350 XCF-W, '09 Beta 565RS, and '16 300RR. While the 4-strokes were great bikes, I had a hankering to get back to 2-strokes and the 300RR fit the bill. After getting used to the 2-stroke, I find that the 300RR gives up little to the 4-strokes. Also, I find the 300RR to handle very well in all conditions and is quite stable at high speeds in the desert. The '13-'17 300RR's came stock with 13/49 gearing which is just about perfect for most conditions; for some of my desert riding I'll swap to a 14T sprocket for more relaxed running at higher speeds. Incidentally, my friend's new '18 300RR came stock with 14/49 gearing. I bought my 300RR in Sparks, NV from Sierra BMW & Beta. This is a great dealership with most of the employees owning and riding Beta's - mostly 2-strokes.
  14. Chas_M

    2013 vs 2017 Beta 300 RR Low End

    Why don't you use the e-starter rather than the kick start to check compression? My '16 300RR with the stock head quickly jumps up to 175 psi or 185 psi with the factory hi compression head.