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  1. PitMX27

    questions about pitsters

    What exactly is the difference between the x4 and the x4r? im planing on hopefully buying a brand new pitster here in the next month or 2 and wanted to know the differences before buying one, thanks in advance Adam
  2. PitMX27

    YZ125 piston life?

    i know i am right now doing a bottom end in a rm 125 that the guy left the top end in for about 2 years and he rides a few times a month, the cylinder is so warn its not funny, bike would barely start, and to top it all off it now needs a bottom end also. top ends are cheap, cylinders arent. Just my .02 but thats just me, i like my bikes running primo all the time, heck i do a top enbd atlest once a year on my 250fs when im riding every weekend, and my 250 2 strokes every prolly 3 months when riding alot might be over kill but my bikes always run amazing and never blow up haha. knock on wood.
  3. PitMX27

    78 Z50 problems

  4. PitMX27

    YZ125 piston life?

    no offense to who said rings once a year, but i wouldnt dream of doing rings once a year in a 250 2 stroke let alone a 125, when i was racing my 125s every weekend and riding at;least once a week i did a top end usually after about 10 rides, mayb ea lil more but never more than a month and a half tops of every weekend riding.
  5. PitMX27

    best year for 250sx

    Hey everyone, im new to ktms, have rode a handful of them, looking to get a 250 2 smoker of some sort and color over the winter, plan on doing moto and woods riding. Just curious what the best year is for the ktm 250sx, ive been told 2005 by a couple of people, i rode my buddies 05 bone stock and that bike was amazing. Also how are they reliability wise compared to say a yamaha? if i dont get an orange one im going blue for sure so lets see if i cant get convinced to buy orange haha. thanks in advance for any input
  6. PitMX27

    ktm 144 coming from crf450

    For all of you who have a ktm 144 or have riden one, whats your honest thoughts about them. I currently have a 06 crf 450 but want a 144 in the worst way. For the simple fact that i have way more fun riding a 125 type bike than a big 4 stroke. Granted yes im way faster on a thumper, but i have no fun on them. Im never going to be pro, just want to have fun. Im about 5'10 and 125 pounds and ride 125 and or 250b, just curious to get some thoughts about the bike. thanks guys. Adam
  7. PitMX27

    cam chain tensioner in valve cover

    Have any of you t.t guys had troubles with the cam chain tensioner in the valve cover falling out? Im currently doing a motor for a friend that the guide fell out wrapped around the crank gear and caused the piston to hit the valevs destroying lots of things. Also, any type of jb weld or anything i should put on the new one when i put it on?