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  1. can it be done? I have one complete system lined up for 100$. I would like to just put the muffler on if i could. I searched the site but could not find any information. Please let me know guys. Thanks ~jesse
  2. jtmtv18

    125sx and lighting

    i have a 2002 ktm 125sx, otherwise stock. im puting some money into it and i would like to install a headlight on the bike. Does the stock stator have lighting capability? thanks for your input? ~jesse
  3. jtmtv18

    97, XR200 do you know this bike well?

    im 22 years old and i ride my xr200 more then my cr125, i just love the tractor power of the lil-monster its just amazingly good fun. i just stick to the tight twisty trails where the XR is the best. On the straits it feels slow compared to my CR (G i wonder why?) but the cr, is just all top end is just pure blazing speed, and sometimes you want to do more complicated runs where the CR with its topend only power just kinda feels bogged down the hole run. XR200 is perfect for tight trails, but when your son wants blazing speed or something get him a CR 2-stroke (only because they are super cheap now). You can have the best of both worlds, I dont real believe in just upgrading the same bike. For me, having the trail bike, and a race bike, 2 bikes in total is perfect. When i want to go fast i take the cr, when i want to do crazy shit and jumps, i take the CR. You can get a 94 CR125 for like 900$ crazy cheap, =)
  4. jtmtv18

    97, XR200 do you know this bike well?

    i know the first things i did for my 2002 was take the airbox snorkle off and put a FMF can on it (if only for the sound, slight power increase) but the most important thing i did was upgrade the suspension, i grabed the front and rear shock off a 85 XR250. It lifted it over 3 inches. I ride in a really rocky area through woods (where this bike rocks) and it was occasionally bottoming out. The upgraded suspension gave it the same ground clearance as my CR. I wouldnt jump it or anything, but its perfect for the limit of the bikes. Also, the brakes are really really bad, i think anyway. I hear from others they are great for drum brakes, but i still think there bad. Im still looking for a way to get the brakes off of a XR250 with disk brakes in the front. Anyways thats my input. As far as power output, vs the other bike your son has, i have no clue, But the bike makes 17 horsepower or so, nothing to titanic ya know? ~jesse
  5. jtmtv18

    XR250 wheel and brake assem on a XR200..

    where did you get the steering stem? could you tell me how difficult it was to install the triple trees? i have never done anything with them =) a CR front end would deffinitly be sweet, Send me a picture of the bikes front end if you have one, that would be awesome ~jesse
  6. well i got in a small wreck today on my bike, nothing bad just a few bruises (and bent front forks lol)... in anycase after walking back with the bike in hand, i have decided that the reason the brakes didnt work well, was a puddle of water that i went through. Obviously since i was driving the bike, its my falt it wrecked, but the brakes are just SOOOO friggin shitty on this bike. I had my cr there with me, disk brakes front and back, just amazing stopping power you know? Anyways my question is, can you put the front wheel, and brake assembly off a xxyear xr250 on a 2002 xr200. Write me back i appreciated it. Also the bike has XR250 suspension on the front (forks) and rear mono shock. I have never wrecked on a dirtbike, hard anyway lol. Helmets save lives, thats for sure, i smacked pretty hard agianst a rock, and my noggin was fine thanks to the helmet.. Anyways thanks agian guys. ~Jesse
  7. jtmtv18

    powroll products for a xr200

    k i just saw your bike, i like it but i dont want to go spend 1800 agian on another bike lol, want to take a good running cr125 a portion of payment say 900$? lol anyways have a good one.
  8. jtmtv18

    powroll products for a xr200

    yogi how much are you selling it for? i live right near seattle, im trying to get rid of my 94 cr125 and get another xr.
  9. jtmtv18

    powroll products for a xr200

    where did you get the large diam head pipe? i dont want to buy a cobra kit because i already own a fmf can, i just need to find a good head pipe. ~jesse
  10. jtmtv18

    powroll products for a xr200

    does anyone have any powroll products installed on there XR200. Tell me about them, the bike before, and after. Thanks alot.
  11. are these motors very reliable? i think they HAVE to be, its just the most incredible machine i have ever ridden. I have owned a cb250 the honda "Nighthawk 250" it was air cooled, and just a awesomely reliable street bike. Anyways onto a important question, i just remeber now. Where is the bolt to let the oil out so i can change it lol? ~jesse
  12. lol yea kickstand is funny, it falls over if its not perfectly flat, even then if a wind gust comes..lol agh...it needs another 3 inches on it
  13. i upgrade my xr200 with 1985 xr250 forks and mono shock....what a huge diffrence. it went from 10 inches of ground clearance to about 13 1/2 inches. i noticed it stands up in first gear whenever you jerk the throttle, im guessing its because the bike sits up higher. In anycase here are some picks, I cant wait to upgrade the motor with powroll stuff, im kinda hopin it dies so i can rebuilt it already lol. I own a 94 cr125 also, i ride the 200 a hell of alot more, just SOO much more fun. I ride in real tight woods alot of times, they open up on the logging roads, but in the tight woods i doubt all but the best riders on a 2-stroke 125 could keep up. the bike also has a fmf powercore 4 pipe on it. ~jesse
  14. jtmtv18

    XR200... suspension upgrade, hot topic eh?

    hi guys im trying to upgrade the suspension on a 2002 xr200, i just purchased a rear shock and front forks from a 85 xr250 hoping they will bolt on, from what i understand they shouldnt have a problem, is this correct? thanks for your time ~jesse