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  1. B457

    Moto GP at Pacific Raceways

    I raced it a few weeks ago, and had a good time. The track is running backwards with a mix of really tight twisty stuff on the infield of the track. The trails section is the shortest part of the track unfortunately, but they did the best with what they have. The road course is about a half mile with a few corners, and some wide open runs. There is also a grass section off the side of the road course that spits you back to the Moto track.
  2. Sounds awesome for KTM to bring brand new bikes to a mucky Moto track and have them trashed. Why ya calling Moto guys sissies? I check this site out once in a while and get that it's mostly trail riders, and that's cool. Would like to know why the talking down of Moto? I trail ride every once in a while, amazingly enough I have been able to ride through the woods long enough to keep all of my clothes on, and without shooting randomly. Just been riding bikes for a very long time and really don't get the hostility, especially when motorcyclists get it from every other angle. Hope to see you stomping all the Moto sissies at the washougal national this summer guns.
  3. B457

    Another One Bits the Dust

    Talked to a buddy of mine at hinshaws and he said they'll be dealin the Yamaha's
  4. B457

    '07 450 rebuild

    Mostly moto-x, would like to have a little more off the bottom. I like the stock engine power but could afford to have a little more power everywhere without going overboard. So would an exhaust do the trick?
  5. Bike is going to get the overhaul, and was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do. The bike is pretty much stock, just wondering if I should throw in some hot cams to wake the bike up a little bit, or would it be just fine throwing an exhaust on. Or just throwing both on. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. B457

    Awesome Supercross Vid

    DV is a dumbass for leavin the door open and for checkin Grant after the finish. Grant is the man to beat this coming season
  7. B457

    Bet this guy's neighbors love him

    Only thing that woulda made that video great is if a semi truck with no brakes came down the street while junior was doin one of those sick wheelies and cleaned him out.
  8. I wanna see hayden and rossi on an evenly matched bike, to me there'd be no way hayden could beat rossi heads up. hayden had a hard enough time with rossi on an inferior bike. oh well next year
  9. B457

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Brandon Auburn 03 CRF 450 for sale
  10. B457

    Is Longview going to be groomed on FRI?

    Rode longview sunday with my dad, good job with the track and will be back again. Dad liked the track too, track holds up great with a lot of riders had some rut's but no kickers.
  11. B457

    Tire Choices

    I gave up on dunlop's, used to run 756's and they worked good but they do wear really fast. Went over to michelins and use the ms or mh 3's but it is a good intermidiate terrain tire. Just bought the new sand tire. Looks like it has little paddles on it, get to try it out next weekend.
  12. B457

    o-ring chain and sprocket ????'s

    yea get the spacer but if you're gonna buy a chain it would be a good idea to get new sprockets
  13. B457

    Winning motocross without training?

    I disagree with the original poster of this thread because he is a douche and doesn't know what he's talkin about. You can't just ride every weekend or every other weekend. Natural talent can only take you so far. A friend of mine qualified and went to loretta's last year FOR THE C CLASS. He trained hard in and out of the gym and he ended up getting 2nd overall in the 125 c class. When I had the time I worked out and rode 3-4 times a week and I haven't done as good on the track since. Sure you don't need to work out like the pros do, it is good for you to put some effort in at the gym if you don't get to ride all the time. So come on and find me and kick me in the face cause I do disagree with you internet tough guy.
  14. B457

    ASV or Hand guards.....

    Putting teflon around the clamps works great, you can also adjust the end of the levers so they are about an eighth of an inch from the edge of the bars, I have only bent a few levers since doing that. Wouldn't waste my money on asv's.
  15. B457

    Bike demo ?????

    from what I've heard ktm is at washougal havin a demo on friday, thinkin bout headin down an tryin em out