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  1. lilserve67

    Broken Plunger Stater

    I broke plastic screw to the plunger starter trying to get it off of my 06 WR . It wasn't due to brute force. A couple of years ago I saw a billet plunger starter online. I looked all over the internet and can't find one. Does anyone know where I can get one? any help would be much appreciated.
  2. lilserve67

    need fuel oil/ ratio for 00 125

    Thanks for all of your help:worthy: . The previous owner said that it needs to be rejetted so I think I'll start with 32:1 and see where that gets me. AGain thanks alot and Happy Holidays:ride:
  3. Just got a nused 2000, 125:banana: . No manual yet, and I need the fuel/oil ratio so I can run it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx:ride:
  4. lilserve67

    Effects of YZ timing on WR without cam change

    Wow:thumbsup: , I've read a couple of different threads that said the YZ cam and the WR were the same. I've done the change. I did notice the ability to lift the front end a little more in the mid range. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt doing anything to damage my bike. Thanks:ride:
  5. Are there any negative effects on a WR with the YZ timing without changing out the cams?
  6. lilserve67

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    03 kx100... for jr:ride:
  7. lilserve67

    Over or Under the Jersey

  8. lilserve67

    Need JD install instructs for 06 WR

    Thanks a bunch:applause:
  9. I misplaced my installation instructions for my JD Kit:banghead: . I was wondering if anyone could tell me which clip positon for an 06 WR 'Red' needle 300 ft sea level. I think the instruction say from 0-3000 3rd clip but not sure. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx.
  10. lilserve67

    Best soft intermediate tire

    Thanks, I'll have to try that!
  11. I bought an 06 wr in 10/06 new. Starts on 2nd or 3rd kick every time. Havent had my valves checked yet and wanted to know how do you know when its time? Or how often do you check the clearance?
  12. lilserve67

    Best soft intermediate tire

    I am looking for both front and rear tire combos. Thanks!
  13. I've been running the stock Dunlop 756 on my '06 wr since i bought it. The center nobs are wearing more from the hard sand/mild gravel roads that I ride. I rode in the mud the last 3 times I rode and I dont have the bite that I would like to have(duh). Dont get me wrong, the 756's have been wonderful but riding on the east coast I want a front tire with a little more mud bite while giving me the durability that I've had. Any help would be mech appreciated.. Thanks!
  14. While I was installing the JD kit I forgot that the last time I changed the leak jet I stripped 2 float bowl screws Got them off after a big hassel but I read somewhere on here that I could replace screws with ones from HOME DEPOT....bought 8/32 X 1/2" hex head bolt but the threads are too wide ( stiffen when getting close to flush) QUESTION: Does anyone one know what size bolt I need with out going to the dealer ship? Or should I keep tightening the bolts till they bottem out? If I do #2 I'm scared of tearing up the threads in the carb. Thanks!