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  1. bought a 2002 cr250 about a month ago...picked her up for 1400 bucks said he just rebuilt it only problem was the counter shaft seal was leaking so ok easy fix. fixed that bike runs alright rode it about 8-9 times in the woods, track pretty hard. eats a little coolant everytime i ride it but not a whole lot figured its the head studs backing out like the cr's usually do.. didnt think to much of started her up yesterday ran for about 10 seconds than locks right up im thinking *** mate.. ripped her all apart and the piston was in backwards power valve port caught a ring messed my cylinder up bad.. guy claimed he was a helicopter mechanic when i bought it. i wouldnt trust and helicopter he worked on lol
  2. sure you can why not on your rmz the engine oil is lubriating the engine and transmission.. no need to waste money and buy two different oils. i just run honda gn4 in both sides of mine
  3. deffinantly crashes but a awsome pic in the process
  4. good looking bike mang....very clean, need that front black excel though
  5. check the compression see just to rule that out to
  6. damn looks like a blast to ride
  7. would be sick if it was real
  8. just always liked two wheels better than four...rode my buddies bike than went out and got one the same week
  9. whats the easiest way to get the linkage bearings out.....i got the top bearing out, the one the shock bolts to but the other bearings are all rusted and all the needles fell out....whats a good tip???
  10. if nothing really changed just go with the 2010..save yourself some cash for that 4 stroke rebuild
  11. look at matco and snap on i guarantee they have a torque wrench with a low setting....i just bought a matco that was 5-50 in lbs i believe
  12. cams are the best bang for your buck hands down for how cheap they are
  13. wow man nice bike