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  1. I run a 15 foot cable through all the bikes..and lock them down in the garage.
  2. I wanna go... I wanna go... I wanna go. I did the LA-BARSTOW-VEGAS a couple of years ago. Nothing like 500 miles or so in 2 days. Awesome stuff..
  3. bailing wire and gum will surely follow!
  4. Call Wheel Works... They are either in Santa Ana or Garden Grove...right in that area. Great guys...
  5. The full face (and modular) are great...except...if you're riding in a lot of dust. I had the XD..loved it..until i was riding with a large group on a dual-sport ride. The dust kicked up and comes into both sides of the visor. If you're in small groups or in non-dusty issues at all...
  6. If you're thinking about a steering stabilizer...scotts has a mount you can use too...with the stabilizer under the bar.
  7. Full Yosh.... 4x4 Mod on the airbox... Rejet.... Up 4 on the back sprocket... anything else is a waste of time.
  8. If it sounds to good to be normally is. But...pulling a wheelie all the way up the pali on the likelike highway would be sweet!
  9. nope....not sure at all... that's what i'm waiting for the FBF troops to tell me. my guts tell me they're not. I don't see significant impact issues or bend..
  10. 06 Te-510.
  11. The stock forks are 50' shifting down to 45's would mean new triples all-around...right? Remember, the original estimate was based on a 15 minute "walk around" inspection while the bike was still on the trailer. Let's see that the techs at FBF say when the get into it. If there's some options to upgrade....i'll look into it. If they end up totaling it because of unknown (to date) issues, then i'm looking at a 250.
  12. RVANDEVUER...thanks for the fantastic offer! but I think the family and I might try to make it an "overnight" trip and see some the sights of Philly in the process. If it bombs out...i'll drop you a note. Didn't think it was wierd at all. I've done the same thing forothers in the past. That's why I love moto so much. So many great people!
  13. basically..they'll cover the costs up to the deductible....unless something major pups up..then they'll total it. They aren't too fammiliar with i think that's working to my advantage. No way i'm just taking a fixed sum based on a 15 minute evaluation while the bike was still on the trailer. We'l lsee that the Ferracci boys think...if they call me back!
  14. probably needs.... new front rim new forks new plastics up front reweld the fork stop new head bearings new bars new kill switch new computer new horn (just kidding) engine running rough
  15. As you may recall, I put my TE-510 into a tree, and broke the old leg..and the bike. Steering stop sheered off allowing the handlebar to swing on through and crush my femur. Ugg.... Wasn't sure if insurance was going to total the bike or not. If they did, I was going to look at a have something in the garage to motivate me as i do rehab this year. Progressive called back and said their damamge estimate is approximately $2500. They will cover the majority of that. so the TE-510 will live on! Now to pick a dealer... - Colonial is near Richmond...but i'm leery as they carry Husky...and Kymco. One tech listed on their web-site... - Fast by Ferracci...hey they race so they should know the bike right? - Bottone...sounds good...but i don't know that I can handle a 6 hour car ride right now. I think my leg would fall off.. Right now i'm leaning toward Ferracci.... Anyone have any drastic reasons to head in another direction? If I was still in SOCAL/OC..this would be easy. Straight to George @ Up-Tite!!! Thanks in advance for any feedback.