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    New guy intro

    I took the chrome ring thing off the end of the silencer and drilled three 6mm holes in the flat area right next to the short pipe. It made it nice and load but I think the low rev and midrange suffered. I am going to do some road testing this week and I'll post my results. I have a shop manual and it lists the main jet as #138 and the pilot as #45 I think the US models are leaner from what I see on these pages. I am living in Kani Gifu. Not too far from Takayama. So far I have taken the bike all the way to Sado and back on a roadtrip hit some nice trails on the way. There is lots to explore around here. Are you into Geocaching by the way? http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c150/kisukun/64a0f3a2.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c150/kisukun/0d1beb9a.jpg
  2. I was wondering what everyone does to test their jetting selections. I have a 96 xr 250 and want to pep it up a bit but I don't want to make arbitrary changes. Now the bike starts and idles fine. So I can assume the pilot settings are correct. It's all stock except for a K&N filter. I plan on taking it out to a moderate hill and doing some roll on tests. IE; 6th gear at 60 km and go to WFO for 500m and note the speed attained. 6th gear at 60km and go to 1/2 open for 500m and note the speed. 3rd gear and note the rev out top speed. Would these comparisons give me an idea of where to make changes and whether the changes made are improving the performance. For example do all 3 tests with the airbox snorkel in place then remove it and do them all again. Any comments would be appreciated. Kisukun from Japan.
  3. kisukun

    New guy intro

    Being a Canadian I celebrated Thanksgiving back in Oct. but there are tons of bars here that latch on to the US date as an excuse to hold a party. Too expensive for me though. Cheers,
  4. kisukun

    New guy intro

    http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c150/kisukun/glenspics257.jpg forgot to include the link sorry
  5. kisukun

    New guy intro

    Here's the pic of my Baja and my Spada. Two honda 250's that are unavaiable in Canada.
  6. kisukun

    New guy intro

    Hey a fellow Baja rider. I picked one up this year in June with 5000 km's on it got mine in Gifu at a Red Barron. . It's up to 10,000 km's now. I bought a K&N filter for it the other day, Pulled out the snorkle and drilled the exhaust but I can't say this has done anything more than make it loud. I'll post some pics of mine so we can compare. By the way what year is yours??
  7. kisukun

    Resistor in spark plug wire mod

    Good for you! I was thinking the same thing. I was also wondering about the likely hood of hydro locking the engine by riding on a rainy day with out a snorkel in the airbox.
  8. kisukun

    Gordon's Mods for XR400

    Hello to all from XR LAND! (Japan), This summer I bought my first Off-road bike an 1996 XR 250 Baja model. Seeing that it has an A2 non removeable baffle I am curious if the #2 drill trick will work for me. I already put in a K&N filter but I haven't pulled the snorkle out yet. This is my first TT post. So far I love the work you have all done here.