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  1. 14Jesus

    how much fork oil 93rm125?

    I just rebuilt my nephews 1st bike. wheel bearings,linkage,shock and swingarm bearings,new top end,new bars,grips,levers,seat cover,tires,nitrigen in rear shock,seals and bushings in forks. Now we don't have enough money for a manual. Can anyone help us on fork oil levels and filling proceder. If we can get this done he'll be able to finally ride it. thanks for any help or info.
  2. 14Jesus

    Favorite MX boots

    I have to say my tech 8s are great. I also thought the bootie thing would be a pain but it's not. JB
  3. I cannot seem to get theLivewire thing to work either
  4. 14Jesus

    900$4'01'yz450fw/motor noise

    Thank you tters, we bought the bike. It was a 426 and is in great cond. except for the motor noise and we tear in to the motor this week. Thanks again for your input,14.
  5. It seems like a great price. The noise kinda sounds like cam chain slapping,can you adjust the cam chain tension. The noise does not seem to change much w/rpm. Motor still has good power,a little hard to start,but that seems to be the nature of the beast. Anyone have any ideas what the noise could be? Is it really a good price? The bike would be for a friend,hate to steer him wrong.
  6. 14Jesus

    best cheap boots?

    I see people recommending Thor quadrants,are the comfortable?
  7. Check out lap times on amalivewire, these guys are all real close, this is going to be good. Mc in 4th was cool.
  8. My buddy has an 03, my 05 is faster,handles better,whips better, it's better. We've compared them on the track,in the woods, in the sand. It's better. I bet the 06 is even better.
  9. We've been screwing our tires for a couple of years now, it's the only way to go in the muck. So sloppy right now, thinking about slapping on the paddle and going to the dunes.
  10. 14Jesus

    The Forum is now split!

    thanks tt for the split!
  11. 14Jesus

    Where do you ride in the Portland area?

    The calender thing w/maps sounds like an excellent idea. Another great sand spot[probably best in oregon] is horsefall-spinreel near coosbay.
  12. 14Jesus

    KX450F looked good

    Chad looked very uncomfortable, might have been the motor problems friday night,ever try a triple with motor problems. No factory hondas,but privateer Nick Wey looked good on his 05 practice bike, smoked Byrne on his factory Kawi.