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  1. what happened the first time?
  2. yea my buddy just got one last weekend does it ever go quick
  3. i was talking aboutthe TT-R 125 anyway
  4. my friend just got one on the weekend i tried it today i was like freaking out because of the powerband....quick
  5. yea man i own both and the yz kills the tt-r any day
  6. i raced my buddy who has a TT-R 125 and i used my YZ80 and he got way ahead then the powerband shot me right by was crazy
  7. usually 4-strokes have more accelleration then 2-strokes until the powerband kicks in....then the 4-strokes done
  8. yea that powerband would take the race i think....but i would still like to see it
  9. i think that would be a pretty good race
  10. you never know.....because a couple of bike shops i have been to said there taking orders for them........
  11. o well i guess we will see when it come out....
  12. i heard they are making them in japan now so 07