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  1. Found it ,it was the washer that was supposed to behind the kick-starter shaft .i got it fitted from new and the shop did`nt fit it properly and it has been floating around for 4 years until it finally made it`s way through to the stator via the gear box . .So it means that the DR is still bullet proof as this was human error .So had the whole motor and gearbox stripped (new rings fitted was all the was done,did`nt need them but put them in anyway as it was apart ) Cheers Elwood
  2. pictures on page 2 it is in at a shop at the moment but they can`t find anything either we still can`t work out how it would get in between the stator and the rotor from outside the stator side, would almost be like the magic bullet that got JFK . cheers elwood
  3. Have taken the starter clutch of it`s all fine ,it`s at the bike mechanic at the moment and he can`t work it out either all the bit`s are where there supposed to be have`nt found anything broken yet (still looking)
  4. yea i have the same problem at the moment caused by some small pieces of metal getting caught between the stator and the rotor and damaging the stator which in turn burns it out i just can`t find where they are coming from . cheers Elwood
  5. The bits are magnetic so i guess that leaves the piston skirt out as i think it is made of ally
  6. na none of them as the motor has never been apart and the bits did`nt look like they were from the stator
  7. yea i have to anyway as the old one is completely wreaked the only problem is the bits that got stuck in it did`nt look like they came from the stator so my problem is where did they come from.
  8. Na it is an optical illusion they are all in the centre
  9. pics of damaged
  10. i hope the photo worked so here it is
  11. yea that`s not the real problem the real problem is where the bits of metal are coming from i will up load some photos of the bits and the stator . cheers elwood
  12. it`s a 2005