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  1. mkinzer

    Burned's way FCR-MX installed!

    you should be able to do the fuel screw without removing the carb
  2. mkinzer

    Burned's way FCR-MX installed!

    We usually ride on the weekends or after work. We mainly ride on the west side of town. We live in Douglasville. We also go to Deals Gap quite often. It's kinda fun to pass a 100+ hp sport bike on the brakes or in a corner at the Gap.
  3. mkinzer

    Burned's way FCR-MX installed!

    BIGMO, I did the FCR mod along with a couple of other things (intake and exhaust hotcams, 436 Athena Big Bore, Full Yosh, and K&N filter)to my '05 SM. I also have a KTM 525 SMR that I race in WERA. After those mods, the SM is much closer to the SMR. I live here in Atlanta as well. I have a buddy that has a KTM 625 SMC and we ride all over. PM me and maybe we can go for a ride. Mike
  4. Well, just got back from an hour ride with the 148 main. Much better. Of course it is also 37F degrees!!!! Much easier to wheelie in 3rd and pulls much harder on top. Still a little hesitation. Maybe I am just too picky. Seems to start easier as well.
  5. mkinzer

    Stainless Steel Braided line for SM

    I'm not sure about the E line, but I just thought I would post an alternative. Seems like the YZF 450 line is more readily available.
  6. I will ride it and see with the 148 main. I know that 155 was not right, so I figured I would make a pretty large change to see what happens. You may be right...I bought a crap load of jets from 140-170. So I just need to find what works. Thanks for the info. I am at Sea Level and temps 30-95F.
  7. For those who care.....I could not find a specific SS braided front brake line for my SM. I have found what works great. An 04 Yamaha YZF450 Galfer line is a direct replacement for the stock rubber trash. $54.00 at Cycle Gear
  8. Went down to a 148 main. Went to pull out of the basement for a ride and of course it starts to pour. Hopefully, I can ride tomorrow after work.
  9. Bassman, Just figured out the HUGE difference between your bike and mine (S and SM). I am running 15/41 stock gearing. You are running 6 teeth larger (hence much shorter gearing) on the rear than I am. I think with that gearing, mine would wheelie in 5th.
  10. I started with just the Full Yosh, K&N, 3X3 mod. and sm jet kit. It would come up in 2nd, but nothing more than a couple of inches in 3rd. Maybe I just suck at wheelies.... I only weigh 140 lbs, so that may have something to do with it as well. Also, I am comparing the SM to my roadrace bike....an 05 KTM 525 SMR. May be a little unfair though. That thing will wheelie at will in third. Also, I do not do clutch up wheelies, just power wheelies.
  11. back of the seat now in third.....I hope the better jetting will allow mid point seating 3rd gear wheelies. BTW, I am running stock SM gearing.
  12. 10guy...Thanks. I will try that to start tomorrow morning.
  13. It has been a couple weeks, but I finally got all of the parts installed on my 05 DRZ400SM. I have the Athena 435 kit, hotcams stage 2 IN and Stage 1 EX. Along with a Boysen Quick shot on my new CPW Keihin FCR 39mm and the very nice Thumpertalk MCCT. All I can say is holy crap, does this thing run. I still think I need to sort out the jetting...Currently running a 155 main, 38 pilot, 5/8 turn out on the PAS, 200 main air jet, James Deam DRZ 400E kit with Blue needle on the third clip, and Fuel screw 2 1/2 turns out. Wheelies in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It kinda falls flat up top and bogs if I try to snap the throttle to wheelie in 3rd gear. Any ideas....I'm thinking 150 main jet to start.
  14. mkinzer

    Athena Kit Installed

    Will do. I am going to break in the stuff this next week and then I will order some valves. Any ideas on brand / supplier / cost?
  15. mkinzer

    Athena Kit Installed

    Cool deal....I am installing my Athena kit, Keihin FCR, Hotcams Stage 2 in and ex cams, and MCCT this weekend. I can't wait. I hope the power improvement will be noticeable.