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  1. gpitphil

    TTR 125L Forks

    What kind of 85 inverted forks can I put on my 2001 TTR125L? I already replaced the steering head bearings with tapered roller bearings. I've heard someone makes a mounting kit for a YZ 85 front end. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. gpitphil

    KTM Reliability

    05 525exc. Connection in stator not soldered from the factory, bike died 20 miles into a desert scramble with no spark. Had to get towed in. I don't blame KTM, I blame the JAPANESE electronics!! KTM warrantied the stator, no problem. This is my 2nd KTM and I love it.
  3. gpitphil

    Cycle World article

    The 450exc has an hour meter in the stock odometer.