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  1. Get the mt16. I just bought a new rear and went on a long ride last Saturday. It was amazing. I could not believe the difference from my slightly worn s12. Do not look at the pictures in the catalogs. They don't look anything like that in person. Really beefy knobs. I was hesitant due to the pictures I had seen of them but after reading this forum I gave them a try. Unbelievable, I can't imagine a better rear tire.
  2. I just received an ims tank I bought on ebay. There are fittings where the crossover gas line should fit, but alas there was no crossover line included. I guess I could buy fuel line at the dealer but I'm not sure how long it needs to be. I could block off the little plugs, but I'm not sure what I could use that would hold up in gas. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm interested in getting a flywheel weight for my bike. What does it take to install one? Where is the best place to get one? On topic I love my 250f offroad.
  4. A friend of mine just bought a JD jet kit for his 2004 WR 450. It comes with two needles. I have a 2003 YZ 250F. Can I use the other needle that he isn't using on my bike to save a few bucks?
  5. I just purchased a 2003 yzf 250 used. I did not get a manual. How is the best way to check the float adjustment level. I think I bent the little flange trying the fix the fuel leak and would like to get it back in spec. I'm a new member and this site is great. Thanks