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  1. Ck535087

    tail light bulb for KLX 300?

    Kragen has them they are Sylvania number 97 they come in a two pack and they are 12 volt!
  2. Ck535087

    Gearing Calculator?

    Anyone have a gearing calculator that can be used with the KLX 300?
  3. Ck535087

    Bad KLX 300 Gas Leak HELP!

    Your float is probably stuck open like mine was. I had the same problem and someone told me to loosen the hex nut on the bottom of the carb to clear the bowl and I did that and let the excess gas drain from the carb and then put the screw back in an it worked the float came back down and I didnt have to take apart the carb. If you havent allready taken the carb apart try it...worked for me and have had no problems since!!
  4. Ck535087


    crap I need a good gearing for fire roads ...but i want some more speed but also climability...maybe I should get like 2 teeth less on the rear sprocket...damn anyone have a calculator of some sort?
  5. Ck535087


    I have the KLX 300 and its stock gearing...i got it going pretty fast but wouldnt mind more speed...so if i go with the 15/44 would I have to go with a new chain and what kind of speeds could I expect? I would sacrifice climbing power if I did this huh? What would be optimal for the KLX 300? Thanks for the help, Marshall
  6. Ck535087


    so in order to make your KLX have a longer gear ranger meaning overall more speed less RPM you get a bigger front sprocket and a smaller rear sprocket? What kind of nominal speed could a KLX hit with a 47 sprocket compared to a 50 with a 15 tooth front? Is there a noticable diffrence? Thanks, Marshall
  7. Wow I think I might be the lightest one on the KLX 300 in this forum . I am 135 pounds at 5'9" but ya I have had no problems at all. The bike may be a bit heavy for me but I can manage and will grow into it. The power is way plenty for me and only way I would want more is if I did hill climbing or something or racing but im not really into that yet. Allthough I did find that I could keep up with some of the people with 2 strokes on the MX track. But this bike for trails is like a cadillac on the roads you couldnt ask for more. Marshall
  8. I have a 2000 KLX 300R and there is alittle bit of coolant coming out of the weep hole in the engine case, no more than a few table spoons in all. Does anyone know what might be wrong before I tear into it. Thanks for all the help, Marshall
  9. Ck535087

    Need Carb Help!! Klx 2000

    I was riding my 2000 KLX 300 about a week ago and right when I finished and was going to load up my bike to go home I noticed that it was leaking fuel a whole lot from the black tube on the buttom of the carburetor. Whenever I put the fuel switch on the ON position and the RESERVE position it leaks and doesn't stop. I tried to start it and it started but continued to leak....i think something might be stuck but I have no idea. Does anyone have any ideas it would be much appreciated!! Thanks, Marshall