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  1. tedp2001

    Valve issues, who is having them...

    2005 R, maybe 5 tanks of gas, no problems, great bike, love it
  2. tedp2001

    Running lean? New CRF250-R

    Just at night sitting
  3. I have a brand new CRF250. Have about 3 tanks of gas through it and I think I need to rejet. Header glows red hot at night, and pops and backfires going down hills with throttle closed. Is this symtoms of lean jetting? Do I replace the main jet or move the clip on the needle? Any help and suggestions are appreciated.
  4. tedp2001

    Red hot header

    thanks for the input gents, I just wanted to make sure.
  5. tedp2001

    Red hot header

    I just bought an 05 CRF 250R rode it one time so far and started it up tonight and looked down after 3 minutes of idling and noticed the header was burning red hot like a cigarette lighter red hot. &%$#@! is this all about?????? I have a KTM LC4 640 and never have seen anything like this so I shut her down immediately to find out more before I start a fire and grenade the engine, or is this normal??? ANYBODY