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  1. fairweatherrider

    ttr-125 Engine Oil?

    I use Castrol GTX 10W-40 and change it frequently. I used the same oil in my old DRZ-250. Never had a problem. The oil is cheap and readily available. It was originally recommended by an old riding buddy who's still putting a lot of miles on his DRZ-250.
  2. fairweatherrider

    Dot 3, 4, or 5 Brake Fluid for ttr125

    The TTR service manual recommends DOT 4 brake fluid.
  3. fairweatherrider

    kick start question

    My 04 TTR125LE motor is in good shape with relatively few hours. I checked to see if I could start it by hand (on the kick start lever) and found that it was relatively easy to do so.
  4. fairweatherrider

    yz85 fork swap questions

    Here's a couple more pictures showing the correct brake line routing at the caliper. (Note the small bolt-on brake line guide.) I also took a picture of the "caliper end" of my spare yz85 brake line so you could make sure that you've got the right one. Good luck!
  5. fairweatherrider

    yz85 fork swap questions

    I just measured a spare yz85 brake line that I have. It measures right around 55 inches long.
  6. fairweatherrider

    yz85 fork swap questions

    Here's a couple pictures of my bike showing the way Yamaha routes the yz85 brake line on yz85 forks.
  7. fairweatherrider

    yz85 fork swap questions

    The stock yz85 brakeline should be the correct length. I have an 08 yz85 front end on my 2004 ttr125le. Make sure the brakeline is routed properly on the caliper end.
  8. fairweatherrider

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    Great pictures! Looks like fun.........
  9. fairweatherrider

    Hare scramble on a TTR125?

    Awesome pictures!
  10. fairweatherrider

    Lets see some trick ttr125's

    Quite an accomplishment. Congratulations to you and your daughter!
  11. fairweatherrider

    Carb Poll

    Might as well add 24mm Mikuni (KX65) to the list....
  12. fairweatherrider

    Brake bleeding...?

    I just put a new yz85 caliper, brakeline and master cylinder on my ttr. Everything torqued properly. Everything looked right. I reverse-bled the brake system with a 60ml syringe and then tried to bleed in the conventional manner. Even tried zip tying the brake lever to the throttle overnight. Nothing helped to firm up the lever. Bottom line: Nothing worked until I noticed that one of the pads was dislodged rearwards about 1/8th of an inch. Pushed it back in place with a screwdriver and instantly the front brake was PERFECT!
  13. fairweatherrider

    Carb Poll

    Which carb are you guys using on your TTR125's? Mine's stock (for now.)
  14. fairweatherrider

    YZ85 fork conversion - new key location

    I finished my yz85 fork conversion a couple days ago. I decided to keep the key and per socalxr's suggestion I attached the key assembly using the clutch-side gas tank bolt. Perfect location. Thanks for the tip!
  15. fairweatherrider

    Hare scramble on a TTR125?

    Congratulations to you and your son. It's refreshing to hear anything about enduros in this forum. I always figured that the right size rider and a well-prepped TTR125 (YZ85 frontend) might be a good combination. I rode a few enduros in the seventies and eighties. The light little TTR would have been a blast. You don't always need horsepower!