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  1. Martinavi

    C R A C K E D Case, Dr650se

    Sorry Bitterjoe, no pics. Motard, I just happen to have expertise in the field of castings. IE; weld repair to mil-spec standards (X-ray etc) there are quite a few things that can cause a failure of a casting. From what you say, it seems to be in the same general area. I believe these are sand casted and the problem might be a gating issue. the gate in the mold in that area might not be allowing contaminates to flow thru or be too small in that area and allowing the material to super cool in turn creating a shrinkage or other defect in that area. Since these castings are not "investment" castings, they are not subject the same criteria as castings used in aerospace so if they see an obvious defect, they throw it back into the pot and re-melted. Although if they are investment casted, they are not critical and not held to the high standard so if there is a defect, they are re-melted. martinavi
  2. Martinavi

    DR650 - what was your OTD price?

    '06 Blue $5000 OTD, tax included. Bert's in Southern California.
  3. Martinavi

    Other high mileage DR's?

    I put at least 600 mi a week on my 650 bought it sept 2005 new, has almost 20,000 in a year of commuting to work. I know it's not adding up 600 miles a week x 4 = 2,400 a month x 12 = 28,800 miles a year. The reason being is that it has been in the shop for numerous warranty repairs (I posted another thread in regards to that)
  4. Martinavi

    C R A C K E D Case, Dr650se

    Just Dropped the bike off at the dealer for warranty repair (11th time this year for warranty work) it's been in for frame replacement, dying issues and other stuff The bike has almost 20,000 miles since I bought it September 2005, I swear the bike is a lemon I recently noticed an oil leak, I naturally thought it was the left side case gasket. No big deal, get a new gasket and replace it myself to save time and not having to wait a week for the dealer to do it. After a thorough cleaning and scrubbing the whole bike down, I was then I discovered it, a crack in the engine case! this crack is in the left case at the 11 o'clock position above the magneto, an inch and a half below the cylinder base and extends about 3 inches inward from the side to the center in a horizontal plane. I really like the bike, take good care of it but I'm wondering what else it gonna happen, seems like everything is being replaced. I want to get another bike like a GoldWing but can't afford it so I'm stuck it the DR (don't get me wrong, I love the DR but constantly having warranty work done on it is a big head ache, I'd like Suzuki to replace it as a Lemon but probably won't happen) Anyone else have problems like me?
  5. Martinavi

    electric heated vest limits on DR?

    I'm running Gerbings jacket and pant liners with dual thermostat controlers to set jacket and pant seperately. I commute 75 miles one way and here's the scoop on the gerbings products... the first time I used them, I ran them at max temp ( god it was great, just like wearing an electric blanket) and when I got to work, I discovered that the generator couldn't keep up with the demand so the battery had to do the job, which of course drained the battery. So there I am, 75 miles from home, no one at work had jumper cables, auto club would not help me because it was a motorcycle. Had to call my dad to come get me with my truck, got home and charged the battery. Now when I ride with the heaters on, I set them about half way and about 15 to 20 miles from the end of the ride, I turn them off to allow the battery to charge up a bit, haven't had a problem since.
  6. Martinavi

    Couple question on DR 650 I just Purchased.

    The DR has an Auto-Decompress on the camshaft assy, this could be the reason for the backfire on deceleration
  7. Martinavi

    proper break in

    here's my input, follow the manufacturer's guidelines for break in. as for aircraft, yes us airplane owners don't really worry about it, we just need the rings to seat and to get them to do that we need to get the cylinder head temp up over 140 degrees F. and once the rings seat you can feel the power come in. it's my opinion that the rings seat on the bikes in the first 15 miles, the rest of the break in is for the rest of the "rubbing and spinning parts" bearing sleeves and what not (a bike engine has lots and lots more parts than an aircraft engine)
  8. Martinavi

    stuff falling off!!!!

    the problem with the gaurd pushing on the clutch can be fixed simply by tightening the cable adjusting lock nut down as tight as you can sandwiching it between the lever and the locknut. Suzuki warranties it for one year from date of purchase, you can ask the dealer if that would be covered. As for stuff falling off, be sure to check all nuts, bolts ect. at regular intervals. Suzuki had to replace the whole frame on my bike and the exaust pipe as well because stuff was breaking off the frame due to bad welding (I know because welding is my profession). the items that broke off were the top chain roller and the muffler mount on the right side. Glad I didn't have to pay for that repair, it would have cost close to $3,000.00
  9. Martinavi

    Anyone have spare grab bars?

    I installed the OEM rack from Suzuki on my '05, I do have the old grab bars laying around in the garage, don't need them any more but didn't throw them away (never know when someone needs a set) email martinavi@aol.com
  10. Martinavi

    Pop Pop Pop

    According to "Suzuki" service manual there is an "AUTO-Decompress" Assembly on the camshaft. Could this be the source of the "pop pop pop" ?
  11. Martinavi

    Has anyone done any long touring rides their DR?

    Yeah, the DR can handle it like everyone says. I use mine to commute to work 75 miles one way, which is about all my butt can handle even though I have a gel seat. I cruise it at 80 to 100 mph (sometimes up to 115 and that is completely stock engine with no mods, it's the windshield that does it.) As for the windshield, there are quite a few made for the DR (I researched them). The one I settled on was the one made by Parabellum selling for about $200. It is attached to the tripple clamps and is a FULL windshield. Very stable at high speeds and on windy days, makes 100mph feel like you'er only doing 50mph (the best $200 I spent). The cheesiest and dorkiest one you can get is made by Cee Bailey (they specialize in aircraft windshields and should only sell them and stay away from the motorcycle market). The Cee Bailey is bolted to the headlight cover and does not offer the full protection like Parabellum's (seems to me that would crack and break the plastic cover over time)
  12. Martinavi

    DR650 repair question - plz help!

    Check the connections and make sure that they are tight and snapped fully in place, you'll find them wrapped in a velcroed plastic cover under the headlight cover where all the wires are.
  13. Martinavi

    SOLUTION '05' DR650SE engine stalling-service techs baffled

    gm two, yes, you are right by filling up after each ride. I learned that by being a pilot and airplane owner ( the same concerns about moisture ) by filling the tanks after you land and put the plane leaves no air space for condensation to occur. but we'd never put an additive into the fuel.
  14. Martinavi

    SOLUTION '05' DR650SE engine stalling-service techs baffled

    <EYE ROLL> By logic, this cap plug is only used on the California models (emissions) and not on any others? if so what about all the other states where the vents are open and not only on Suzi's but all bikes (cars even)? the DR cap's vent is like a maze, so waters isn't gettin in very easy. As for the moisture in the air and sweating on the inside like they do, keep the tank full.
  15. First I'd like to thank everone for the input of ideas and what not. The last time it stalled was doin 90 down I-10, pulled over and released the gas cap and hear a big rush of air goin in, HMMMMMMMM I thought, not venting. although I filled the tank as per the Suzuki rep (1/2 in below the filler neck). MY SOLUTION Gas cap in hand, Remove the two screws on the bottom of the cap, lift the plastic over off to reveal the insides, you will see the two tabs that lock the cap in the tank, on one of these tabs you will see a rubber plug that covers the vent hole to the outside of the cap. I removed the plug and reassembled the cap. HAVENT HAD PROBLEM SINCE! go figgure.