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  1. jabes

    Why don't you guys have Service Manuals?

    Half your luck, I got the owners manual but bought a service manual. Best money ever spent.
  2. jabes

    Low RPM throttle instability / surging

    I found this happening to my bike (I've got the JD kit) turned out to be the decompressor clearance. But if I were you I'd open it up to breathe and drink better first ie 165 on main jet.
  3. jabes

    Cartridge seal leaking?

    How would I go about ordering some seals from you. I own a CRF450X. Thanks.
  4. jabes

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    Dogger, Can you help on this one? I have a leaking damper assy at the spring chamber. is it possible to service this unit or is it full assembly unit as I have been told over the phone. How did you replace the ones I read early in this thread?
  5. jabes

    Scotts Stabilizer question

    Found this at Ohlins website. http://ohlins.com/ Latest News Be aware of fake steering dampers Warning Look out for fake steering dampers! During the last couple of months Öhlins Racing have been contacted by several buyers of fake Öhlins steering dampers – often bought via E-bay and such. Be sure to demand full documentation before you purchase any Öhlins product through the Internet. My has a swish sound then burps a little bit may need bleeding or could be fake as no documentation.
  6. jabes

    Throttle Return: I narrowed it down...

    I had the same problem, turned out to be rusted return cable. I think cleaners and water entering near the throttle pull housing caused the problem. Anyway after replacing both cables it is silky smooth.
  7. jabes

    09 gas in the oil

    Yes it is called a dip stick not a screw in stick!
  8. jabes


    I don't, they get Hondas for a lot cheaper than we will ever see here in Oz The new CRF450X9 is available at Honda Dealerships nationwide Australia and retails for the highly attractive price of $12,990 (plus on roads). In the US these bikes are around $7500 when the exchange rate is factored in abput $10,000au so there 3G better off. So we do pay a lot of extra cost. Also they can plate them if they really want to.
  9. jabes

    Scotts SUB mount link arm

    Found it LKM-4032-40 Link Arm Stepped Standard.
  10. jabes

    Scotts SUB mount link arm

    Thanks cubera I will get in contact. It was the link arm not the puller as I first stated. I know it is a stepped one not sure if 5mm or 10.
  11. jabes

    Scotts SUB mount link arm

    I have just purchased the Scotts SUB mount kit for my CRF but it didn't come with the link arm puller. I went to order one but there are about 6 different bends in them. Does anyone know the right one for the BRP mount and stock triple clamps?
  12. jabes

    Amazingly Frustrated w/ Brakes

    Fill the master cylinder with clean brake fluid. Replace the top of the master cylinder reservoir. Pump the brake pedal several times (15 or more). Using a box wrench that fits the bleeder bolt, loosen the bleeder valves, but leave them closed. Using a piece of clear plastic tubing (aquarium tubing works fine), push one end of the tube over the brake bleeder bolt. Put the other end of the tube into a small, clear bottle with an inch or two of clean brake fluid in it. (This will keep air from being sucked back into the brake cylinder.) Loosen the bleeder bolt and squeeze in the lever, release and repeat until all air has passed through the system.
  13. jabes

    Aus 450X riders near Sydney

    Hey Oz & Matt, I'm going to the sunny corner rally in september. If your interested in catching up there but there will be about a thousand this year. Great weekend camping and slosh or just go for the day. Ned CRF 450X
  14. jabes

    Crf 450x - Fun In The Snow

    Hey mate where abouts you riding? I was out in the snow yesterday 2 @ Mt canobolas in Orange. Great pics of bike got me a 450x too.
  15. jabes

    Stock throttle - locked at 1/4?

    This is how the Aussie bike is made ADR compliant, I remember asking the bloke in the shop the same question. The dealer will remove this I'm sure but just remind him.