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  1. thundeorukos

    TE510 06 Chain rubbing frame, need ideas?

    My 510 SMR 2006 does it as well and a friends 510 2005 SMR does it too. I talked to a mechanic and he told me that it will scratch it a bit and then it will stop. The frame will not get any weaker. Anyways it is good if we can find something that lasts the chain rubbing and that can be placed at that position easily. I tried something on mine but it did not last long because I used tireups and although I put them very high away from the chain they broke.
  2. thundeorukos

    03 YZ450 vs 01 TE 570

    Well as far as I know the YZ is a lot more reliable than the TE but they can not even be compared powerwise. The 570 motor is the strongest 4-stroke Husqvarna motor ever produced accept from the 630 eddie seel replica. We are talking for a difference of approx 10-12 horses. I do not know though how they compete under enduro conditions. The TE570 because of its power might be a problem to a not very experienced enduro rider;)
  3. thundeorukos

    oil breather hose

    even on idle if you check, it blows out air with a very high preasure. Even if it is in the airbox, at the point it is attached to, and we asume that on some instants it sucks air, the air does not get filtered. It is not attached at a point between the air firler and the carb, so the air filter does not prevent dust from entering it. Have you checked the botom of your airbox to see how much dust cocentrates there after an enduro day? If it is out in the environment I bet it has less chances of sucking dust than if it is at the botom of the airbox where all the dust resits and concentrates itself. My oppinion ofcourse;)
  4. thundeorukos

    oil breather hose

    just remove it from the airbox, close the hole with a tap or a cork and tie it with a tire-up somewere on the bike. Let it drop all these fumes to the environment...This is what my mechanic did after in the first 3hour service. He told me that these fumes will stuff your oil filter and the bike will not breath properly. He also told me that the reason they place it there is because of the emission requirements that state that nothing should drop to the environment so they had to stick that hose somewere...
  5. thundeorukos

    One Tip For All New TE Owners

    just remove the shity crappy screw they have and replace it with a normal anodised one or cut its head and your prob is solved. This is what all mechanics here in Greece do with Huskys. I did it on mine the second day I bought it and since then no worries;)
  6. thundeorukos

    z=16 sprocket

    Renthal makes one and Husky itself makes one. Why not to put a 39 tooth in back? It is safer and it will fit better. The 16 tooth in front will take your chane very close to the cluch pump and may with a chain jumb destroy it. I asked over 10 mechanics here in Greece and the told me: DONT PUT A 16 TOOTH. IT WILL DESTROY YOUR CLUCH. So I put a 39 in back.
  7. thundeorukos

    2006 Husky SM610 worthless lemon nightmare

    man I am really sorry to hear that. Personally when I received my 2006 SM510R there have been some problems as well. The back turn signals could not be placed because their holding bases were missing, the back passenger footpegs were not correct for the bike and an o-ring was missing from the area inside the front sprocket. This also was the most important thing. The 0-ring because some oil was dropping on the ground. I took it in after a day and I had the O-ring replaced within 1 hour. Since then the bike runs flawless and I have up to now about 300miles on it. I know it is brand new still but everything seems to work perfect up to now. Now I am just waiting to bring me the bases in order to bolt on the bike the back turn signals and the back passenger footpegs. These problems for me are considered not to be that important. All the leak problems are not important man. The things you have to worry are the problems that come from the engine itself. I know you are pissed of because it is a new bike and there is no excuse for a new bike to have such problems but as long as the motor itself runs flawless then you are ok. Also don't forget about the warranty. Husky at least here in Greece it is the only company that gives 2 years warranty to their bikes.(for racing bikes I mean)
  8. thundeorukos

    Husky parts and dissasembly manual

    thanx a lot man! This is exactly what I wanted!!
  9. Is it possible to find somehow the husky parts manual that contains all the serial numbers and shows how to dissasemble every single part of the bike? All the dealers they have a program that I think is online and that has all these and some others they have them on paperprints. Would there be a way to possibly find one of these?
  10. thundeorukos

    10w-60 oil

    Even here in Greece oils are very expensive. The Agip has about 17 euros/litter and the Bell Ray more or less the same. About 18. It is about the same in $. I just know one shop which brings it in very big quantities and therefore I buy the Agip 10-60W full synthetic with 9.5 euros=10$ per litter. It is probably one of the cheapest good branded oils here in Greece.
  11. thundeorukos

    10w-60 oil

    why don't you people use the Agip 10W-60 that the manual suggests? I asked arround and it sounds to be a very good full synthetic oil.
  12. thundeorukos

    SM510R gearing suggestions

    yes just placed the question here as well for some husky owners that probably are not registered in smj;) Thanx Eric for the reply
  13. thundeorukos

    SM510R gearing suggestions

    The 2005 and 2006 SM510R here in Greece at least, comes with 15-42 gearing. I currently own the 2006 model and find it pretty short for street use that I use the bike and was thinking of changing the gearing to 16-42. I have also the other option of changing instead of the front, the back sprocket. I have found, since Husqvarna does not produce smaller than 42, Talon sprockets with 40 and 38 teeth. I would like to hear any suggestions on what you would think would be better. Would you think the 38 teeth back would make the motorcycle toooooooooooo long and loose its nerve? I would like to be able to make a final speed of about 175-180km/h (109-112 mph) and ride it at low RPM lets say 5000rpm with sixth gear at about 110-120km/h (68.3-74.5 mph). What would be your recomendation? I do not care at all for track use but still want to be able to keep the bike a bit nervous (to be able to weelie it with 2nd gear easily) Finally I have seen that where the front sprocket is, there is not enough space between its end and the back swing arm of the bike(chain slider). In 2005 model there is almost not even a 3-4mm spacing. I have also tested if a Renthal front 16 tooth sprocket would fit and it did not. How did some of you guys fit the front 16 tooth sprocket? Was it the original Husqvarna? Did you have to make any changes to the chain or it was ok?(Maybe the original Husqvarna 16 tooth sprocket feets )
  14. thundeorukos

    My 2006 TE 510 computer died...

    here in Greece these days we have a very cold weather at least for our standards. Approximately -2 to 5 degrees Celcius in Athens. My SMR 2006 510 computer is running fine with no problem at all under these conditions. I believe you must be talking about a lot lower temps though:)
  15. thundeorukos

    crazy things are going on!

    exactly what ow595 said was what my mechanic said. He said that these things are on the bike only to pass EPA and be able to get plated and street leagal. The TC does not have this bottle. The mechanics exact words were that this expansion tank will not send coolant back to the radiator. It is there just to catch coolant from dropping on the street. The same with the crankcase vent. He said that on tracks or streets you can not have a bike droping even small amounts of oil. But when you remove all these things then you have your bike working and breathing better. Like the TC.