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  1. I just did a valve job on my 03 YZF. When I come to install the cams, it says in the manual to allign the marks on the fly wheel in the window. Easy enough if I could find the mark I'm lookin for. I see a H I then a dot . The HI is not very deep, but the dot is very hard. Is tdc at the dot, or the I in HI? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks
  2. razzel115

    Help! '03 yz250F forks..

    No, I dont have the manual, I had to order one but it hasn't come yet. Thanks for the reply. Mike
  3. I just changed fork seals, I have the oil, but dont know how much I should add. I have done many forks b4, but never one of these, so I just need a good place to start. Silkoleen 7.5 wt, I'm about 185, an agressive vet rider. Thanks for takeing the time. Mike
  4. razzel115

    '03, 250F, PLEASE help!

    Sorry, that was the fuel screw way off.
  5. razzel115

    '03, 250F, PLEASE help!

    Thanks for all the input! I ended up takeing the carb apart again and double checking everything. I was WAY off on the air screw. I am starting at 1.5 turnes out. I ran it up and down the road a few times and had my dad listen to it. (Yamaha machanic from '71 to '86) He said it sounds lean. I was checking the jetting forums and seem to be on the lean side, 178 main. Next weekend we will be riding indoors in the Chicago area, so I'll do some jetting work there. Thanks again, Mike
  6. razzel115

    '03, 250F, PLEASE help!

    Thanks, I just read a thread farther down called zip tie, it said pretty much what you said about the 2 turn deal. This whole 4 stroke thing is so weird to me, I really appreciate any input. Good luck tomorrow, I'm under a foot of snow! Mike
  7. razzel115

    '03, 250F, PLEASE help!

    I just got my first 4stroke. An '03 250f. It didn't run when I got it. It had spark, so I took the carb off to clean it. When I took off the float bowl, it was full of crud, and seamed to have water in it. So I took out the main jet to blow it out. I then took out the "other" jet, not knowing it wasn't a jet. I think it was the fuel screw. It's the screw you can get to from the bottom of the carb without taking it apart. I need to know how many turns, or where a close starting point is with this screw. I got it running, ran like a toilet, but the float is stuck so I have to take it apart again. Any help will be VERY appreciated. Thanks